Animals In Space

Andres Ramirez


-The first animal in space was a Rehesus Monkey named Albert I

-The first animal to orbit was a dog named Lakia

-This project was meant to see if you could essentially breathe in space

-7 countries were involved in this

-The purpose of this project was to see if you could breathe in space

-One of the dogs Strelka came back and gave birth to 6 puppies one of her puppies was given to John F. Kennedy

-A Rehesus monkey Sam did a solo flight in December

-Felix a stray cat sounding a rocket to 120 miles into space

-Ham the chimpanzee proved that jobs could be performed in a weightlessness enviorment

-Yorick the monkey and 13 mice were the first to make it near space with 45 miles and space begins at 50 miles