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Greenwich Village Murder by Manuel Bustillos

Greenwich Village,New York 1954

Like any other night in Greenwich Village, New York, it is a quiet night everyone in the area is minding their own business not wondering other people business. Like every night your expecting a quiet night , suddenly there is a man pushing out another man with a cast on his leg out the window screaming for help. L.B. Jeffries that man screaming for his life, now has a cast for both legs. How did this unexpected event happen? I went to the man that survive the fall to tell me the whole story. Jeff first told me he was just looking at his neighborhood out the window because is the only thing he could of done with a cast (from his hip to his foot), he also was on a wheel chair. Jeff was just looking around Greenwich Just like everyday and he notices that Mrs. Thorwald is sick and Mr. Thorwald is taking care of her. Night time comes, Jeff is dozing off, then wakes up couple hours but every time he wakes up he sees Mr. Thorwald leaving his apartment at the middle of the night, he does this 3 times for the night. The same night Jeff hears a scream and a glass object break. The next night Jeff stays up late to see what Mr. Thorwald is going to do next. Mr. Thorwald opens his cabinets and is wiping, cleaning his saw and knives. After seeing this, Jeff decide to investigate on his own so he could find out if Lars Thorwald murder his wife. Jeff needed some help if he wanted to bring down Mr. Thorwald, so he ask his beloved-ed Lisa Carol Fremont for help. Telling her everything Lisa wanted to help Jeff. The next night the both of them watching Mr. Thorwald, they see him with his wife's purse, inside the purse was her jewelry. Lisa immediately says that a woman will never leave her purse and their jewelry. The same night Mr. Thorwald is packing up his wife items and shipping them away, this is more evidence that Mr. Thorwald did kill his wife. After seeing all things that Mr. Thorwald has done, Lisa at her own expense decides to break in Mr. Thorwald home to find evidence on the murder of his wife. Lisa searches the whole apartment finding nothing until she sees Mrs. Thorwald purse, she has found the only evidence that can put Mr. Thorwald behind bars. She found the wedding ring that belong to Mrs. Thorwald. But breaking in to someone's home comes at a price Mr. Thorwald came the same exact time that Lisa found the ring. Jeff looking from his apartment couldn't do anything but called the police. Once the police arrive everything was calm. Lisa turnaround at Jeff to show him that she has the ring. By doing this Mr. Thorwald saw who she turn at and you know what happen after that. Mr. Thorwald admitted to his crime and was sent to jail immediately. This was a unexpected thing to happen to this quiet area but this world is a crazy place.

Today's Feminism vs 1950's Feminism

Today's Feminism

  • Violence against women
  • Women in office
  • Moving more women into tech

1950's Feminism

  • Employment
  • The civil rights movement
  • Feminist Literature