Four places of the Nile.

By : Reonna Huettner

First Two place to go!

Place Number One : The Aswan Dam!

The Aswan Dam was built in the 1960-1970. (Very old) This very dam is located in Egypt right in the Nile river. The Aswan dam was made to control the water from the Nile to not flood out of the river and onto the land. The dam is made out of turbines that take the energy from the water to use in other places. This dam doesn't pollute the air, but it does have an effect on the wild life found near it. The problem with wild life is that it decreased nutrient decreasing supply of fish. The Aswan dam is a great place to visit when taking a trip to the Nile River.

Place Number Two : Lake Victoria!

As you know the Nile is a big river that flows a not so regular way. This river is the ONLY river that goes north instead of south. One question that I have been asking is, "If the Nile goes north where does it get some of the water from?" Well, Lake Victoria is located in Uganda and one of the most shallowest lakes! The water from Lake Victoria get streamed up the White Nile into the main part of the Nile. Besides the way it flows there are other cool things about lake Victoria like People boat and there's animals who love to swim in. That's a really cool and Interesting Place to go if you like to see animals, boat, and even maybe follow it all the way to the main Nile.

Some fun Photo's of All the fun places to Visit! :)

Third and Forth place to go!

Place number 3 : Cairo Egypt

Here's a great an one of the MOST beautiful places to visit along the Nile. The name is Cairo Egypt. This place here is one of the biggest town located in Egypt mainly because it is the capital of Egypt it's self. There's is a Big bridge going over the Nile river where people can drive and walk over it! (What a Great View!) There is one sad thing about it though... People of Cairo throw their waste into it instead of throwing it away where it belongs! I love this place and I think you will to so do me a favor... and visit Cairo Egypt

Place number 4 : Farm Lands

Here is the forth and final place to see at the Nile. There are many cool places to see and visit, but to me this one place is a very important part to the way people around the Nile eat. That's the Farm Lands! Around this area there are Fields, rookie area's, and plenty of mountains around. One key thing that makes the farmland by the Nile is the flood planes. Farming can only be done in certain places though like Egypt, Sabra, and the northern parts. There's many ways people can start a farmland, but visit to see how great these farmlands really are.