Want to take a trip to Africa

Learn about 4 cool places to go

The Sahara Desert

Come and feel the hot sand of sand duns. You can take a trip of across the 3,500,000 square mile. desert. It covers about 70% of the region. You can even ride on camels. Amazing right, so come and visit the largest desert in the world.


Hey,come and visit one of the largest island in the world. you can get some fresh grown food from right on the island. It's right the Mozambique Channel . Have you ever seen a Channel.Well have fun walking the Highland plateau.

The Red Sea

take a boat ride along the red Sea between Africa and Arabian Peninsula. You can also visit the Indian Ocean connected to the Red Sea The temperature is good so all you short lovers won't be cold at 82 degrees fahrenheit.It's also connected to a Gulf and 2 Peninsulas. Come and sea the wonders of the Red Sea.

The Niger River

This river is 2,600 miles long.This river flows south and comes out at Mali. It's characterized by swamps,lagoon,and navigation channels. It's also a great mayor source of fish. have fun rafting the river