What Gaming System Is Better

What System Has Better Graphics, Games, Design?

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My essential question is "What gaming system offers more to gamers"

This question is important to me because I really like to play video games and I like argueing about which system is the best.

People should be interesting in this question because if you do not have a gaming system then this could help you figure out what you should get.

What System Gives You More For Your Money?

When you open the boxes for these system you basically get the same thing for both system. You get the power cord, HDMI cable, 1 remote, and the system itself. While the Xbox One comes with the kinect it also comes with an extra $100 in price. The playstation gives you the choice to buy the camera or to leave it be. However, you will still save about $50 anyways if you buy the camera, the camera only cost $50.