Agriculture in the east coast of Canada.


This smore will answer the main questions that pops in you head when you think eastern Canada agriculture, questions like; where is the natural resource found? (provinces, landforms, vegetation regions.) where do we export this natural resource?, is it renewable or not? and what is the economic value of this resource?

Where is this resource found?

PROVINCES) The agriculture of eastern Canada is located in Ontario, Quebec, Nova scotia, New Brinswick, New foundland and Labourdor, and P.E.I. (LANDFORMS) The argriculture of eastern Canda is located in parts of the Canadian sheild, the appalachians, the St.lawrence lowlands,and a bit of the artic lowlands.(VEGETATION REGIONS) The agriculture of Canada is located in parts on the boreal and taiga forests, the mixed and the decidous forests.


Eastern canada agriculture is not exported to many parts on the world but we export this natural resource mostly to the middle east.This natural resource is mostly food and as long as you keep planting seeds,this agriculture is renewable  because you can re-grow crops.The economic value for eastern Canada is 7.5 billion.


-Ontario is one of the major agriculture regions of Canada.- Passes over half of the countries best agriculture lands. -Concerned with dairy or live stock farming, especially raising hogs.-In Quebec, the lowlands are used largely for producing grains.-Maple sugar and maple syrup provide additional income.-Apples are grown on the slopes of Monteregran hills.
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