Prohibition of Alcohol

What do the people want?

With the ban of alcohol one must wonder, how are the people coping. Alcohol was taken away for the intoxication caused by the drink. It was also taken away for injuries for the war. People refused to allow their favorite drinks to be taken away. They wen to on strike.

The battle for the Drink

As more and more people joined the quest to allow alcohol, the government realized that the crime rates for gangs illegally drinking has risen. In an attempt to lower the crimes the president signed a convention, allowing the consumption of alcoholic drinks in which only had 3.25% alcohol.

A Delicious Previlge

The battle has been won

Who wants a drink?

The legalization of alcohol, made the people happy. But the law of over drinking was considered seriously. Once the legalization of alcohol occurred the criminal activity began to lower.It was a privilege given to the Americans.