HSoC Weekly Update

Week February 22- 26, 2021

Update on Caps and Gowns

HSoC Students that ordered Cap and Gown for graduation- more information will follow. Expect a card from Jostens informing you of the arrival of Caps and Gowns and instructions to pick yours up.

Please follow up with Mrs. Martha Cunningham via email if you have questions:


Completing Assignments IF in Quarantine

Students that may have been exposed and we have informed you to quarantine, you are still required to complete assignments and work during the quarantine period. Failure to do so may result in loss of credit.

We are able to differentiate between logging in and Actual Work Done While you're still required to log in daily and make process completing work (not just logged in) we/ you need to be able to ensure you're making the progress needed to be successful at HSoC. Failure to log in and complete assignments during quarantine can still place you in jeopardy of being denied credit.

While you're not in attendance physically at HSoC, ( if quarantined) you're required to be logged in and completing assignments for a minimum of 300 minutes at Day.

Questions concerning this can be addressed to Dr. Benskin at abenskin@wisd.org

Credit Denials and Attendance

Students that are in jeopardy of being denied credit, are usually in Jeopardy for attendance purposes. DO NOT PLACE YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION.

Below is an example of the type of documentation students receive once they are identified for possible loss of credit. Note: Students that are quarantined also fall into this category if a student is quarantined and failing to log in and complete assignments daily ( Making adequate Progress).

Big picture
Big picture

Recent Graduates

PABLO ISAAC GONZALEZ - February 12, 2021

HUNTER DAVID HOLMES - February 22, 2021

Big picture

When you Look in the Mirror, that is the Person to Blame for your Failures! It’s also the Person to Give Credit for your Success – What do you see in the Mirror Failure or Success?

The Push to Finish This Year

Many of you have asked about the possibilities of graduating this year 2020-2021. Well, I have Great News for those of you in that situation. The ball is in your court! Get to work and finish the items needed, be here at school and finish the work!