Olivia Green

The Statue of Liberty

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A Historic Overview of the Statue of Liberty

A Frenchmen named Edouard de Laboulaye proposed the sculpture in 1865. After ten years Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to design a sculpture that could be completed by 1876. The statue was to commemorate the American Declaration of Independance. It was named “Liberty Enlightening the World.” The statue was to unite the Americans and the French. Both Americans and French contributed, the French built the statue and the Americans built the pedestal. Money had to be raised by both sides to build the statue. After fixing structural issues, the pedestal was completed in April 1886 and the French completed their portion in July of 1884. The statue arrived in New York in June 1885, it was in 350 pieces in 214 crates. The statue was reassembled and completed in New York on October 23, 1886. Lady Liberty was formally unvieled formally on October 28, 1886.


Lady Liberty is a very powerful symbol. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes America. America is beacon of hope for many people. Because The Statue of Liberty symbolizes America it symbolizes freedom and hope for all who see it.

Ellis Island

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A Historic Overview of Ellis Island

Ellis island has been more than just a symbol of immigration. Ellis Island housed a military fort. The previous immigration station could not hold all the immigrants coming to America so, a new station had to built on Ellis Island. On January 1, 1892 Ellis Island processed its very first immigrants. Over twelve million people have entered America through Ellis Island. On the morning of June 15, 1897, Ellis Island’s Immigration Station was completely burnt down. Many years of immigration records were lost in the fire. The government rebuilt everything on the island, under the condition that everything had to be fireproof. December 17, 1900 marked the day the new main building re opened. In 1965 Ellis Island officially became part of the Statue Liberty National Monument. Ellis Island underwent the largest, historical restoration in United States history. Currently they receive two million visitors annually.


Ellis Island symbolizes major changes in America. It shows The island symbolizes immigration and hope for those wanting to start a new life.