Sexual Health

By Cameron Jameson

Reproductive Anatomy, Puberty, and Adolescent Development


Based on what you know, how would you explain the Reproductive Anatomy, Puberty, and Adolescent Development ?

Throughout life the human body has a Reproductive Anatomy, and hit's puberty. Like other living things the human body can reproduce. Both female and the male's Reproductive Anatomy is how there are so many people today. The female and male body are both capable of creating another human life form. In the Reproductive Anatomy things are changing. Mainly because of puberty. Puberty is when you reach sexual maturity and are capable of reproduction. Puberty causes changes all through out your body. For example, male and female's grow hair under armpits and in private area when hitting puberty. They are also capable of reproduction. Puberty changes the anatomy because the male start to release semen, and female's are capable of fertilization.

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Healthy Relationships


What are the parts and features of a Healthy Relationship?

Being apart of a Healthy Relationship is very important mainly because you will always feel loved and that you matter to at least someone. The parts of a Healthy Relationship are respect, fairness,trust and support etc. All of these are important aspects of an relationship because it will always be stable and will be protected from bad things that could happen. Some important features of a Healthy relationship are success, and love. These are two very important features to a Healthy Relationship. Relationships that are not healthy are based on power and control, not equality and respect. In the early stages of an abusive relationship. Being in a bad Relationship isn't good for you or your partner and can cause lots of stress
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Gender Identity


How would you classify the types of Gender Identity?

Many people wish to change their gender because they don't like their current gender. This is called Gender Identity. Gender Identity is when a person male or female, wants to change their gender based on how they feel about their own. Bruce Jenner now known as Katelyn Jenner. Bruce was a Olympic medalist but later in the years he is now a woman. He has always wanted to be a woman let alone become one. This example is known as transgender. Many people Judge people because they don't like the idea of Gender Identity Types of Gender Identity Is how you maybe feel about someone, or how you thin of yourself or someone.
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Pregnancy, Labor, And Choices


What conclusion can you draw from Pregnancy, Labor, and Choices?

The conclusion i draw from pregnancy, labor and choices is that The choice you make to have sex is crucial as a teenager. Its a big decision based on if you want the chance of getting pregnant. Many adult couples choose to have sex to reproduce and have a child. Choices obviously matter to the situation you are in. Pregnancy happens when a male fertilizes the female. Pregnancy takes About 9 months until labor. Labor is when the Baby is about to be born.
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Sexually Transmitted Infections


Can you list three Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Sexual activity can come with many consequences. Some of it has to do with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These can harm your body and reproductive anatomy. Three Sexually Transmitted diseases are Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and finally Chlamydia. Gonorrhea is usually caused by two partners in sexual contact. Both male and female's can get STD's. Male's can see swollen testicles, and urine burning when it comes out. HIV Shuts done your protection in your body and will slowly tear your body. HIV is caused by needle usage and sexual intercourse. Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It is caused by Sexual Intercourse with your partner.
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Personal Safety and Contraceptive Options


What facts would you select to show how Personal Safety, and Contraceptive Options are important?

The human body is a delicate thing and need's to be taken care of. There are many reasons why Personal Safety is key. Personal safety is key in life to make sure you are always at 100%. This can tie into sexual health. having sexual activity in your life has it's down's and ups. The down of being sexually active is that you are in danger of many STI's. Things can also happen that you do not want to. For example having a child. The good things about being sexually active is that it can bring joy to your relationship and have it last as long as you can. Preventing pregnancy s key as a teenager and, need to be careful with their choices. For Teenager's wearing a condom is recommended for safe sex.
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