All about Volleyball

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Volleyball Basics

The basics take a fairly long time trying to learn here are some examples of the volleyball basics. Passing, hitting, serving, setting, timing, footwork, rotations, tipping, blocking and approaches.

Volleyball in Detail

It might look super easy to hit the ball in the way that the college level girls/guys do, but there is more than just swinging your arm. For example the jump serve. This probably looks easy but they actually start teaching this in high school. Volleyball isn't easy as it looks.

Some action shots

There are many positions!


There are 6 positions on a volleyball court the libero, middle, outside, left back, right back and the setter. The middle is usually the tallest person on the team, they block and hit. Then there is the outside they pass the ball to the setter and they also hit/tip. Next there is the setter. The setter doesn't really get noticed but without the setter there would be no hitting the setter has to set the ball up to the hitters. Those positions are all in the front row. Moving onto the back we have the libero, the libero digs the balls that the other side hits, they can also back-row attack. Then there are the left back and right back they are responsible for the shanked balls and the hit balls , they can also back row attack.

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