April 8th Newsletter

News from the Kindergarten Class

End of Year Dates

In case you are interested and need to put in to have off of work, the Madison Zoo Field Trip will be on Tuesday, May 31st and Kindergarten Graduation will be the morning of Thursday, June 2nd.

Summer School Sign Up Due April 22nd!!! Packet is also in a link below.

There are some amazing courses offered here at C-F this summer!

I highly recommend the Stepping Into First Grade for all the current Kindergartners!!!

Reading and Writing

We have kept discussing strategies that the kids can use when they come up on some hard words and tricky parts in their books. They never give up because they have a bunch of different strategies to use to figure it out!

In writing, we are focusing on the mechanics of writing. (Finger spaces, using lowercase letters throughout, and punctuation)


We took our test on sorting and they did a wonderful job!

On Wednesday, we started off the new chapter on Positional Words. We've discussed above, below, in front of, and behind so far.


The classes told me everything they knew about weather - and they knew a lot! We talked about different tools that are related to weather - rain gauge, anemometer, and thermometers.

They also kept track of the weather each day with their "My Weather Chart". It's been a pretty windy and dreary week.

On Wednesday, they learned about the weather cycle and how it is continuous. They even made a wheel to help them remember that it keeps going on and on and on.

Upcoming Dates

April 19th - NO SCHOOL

April 22nd - Summer School Forms Due

April 29th - Scholastic Book Orders Due

May 5th- Elementary Spring Concert

May 31st - Madison Zoo Field Trip

June 2nd - Kindergarten Graduation

Next Week

  • Seeds to Plants
  • Letter: Review
  • Sight Words: five, blue