The Leader Legacy

Written by Kyla Adams

Recorder Karate

Recorder Karate is something that we all want to accomplish. I got an inside peek on what we are doing next. After this we will learn how to use an ukulele to get ready for guitars. You won't believe this but you don't get to play them unless your class can listen and follow directions in 5th grade. If we really want to impress Mrs.Chenier we should change the interesting music to extraordinary music. She believes we have the potential to get to black belt, we only have to try. I agree with Mrs.Chenier that we all should get rid of the "can't" attitude and get the "can" attitude. Try and practice any time you can on the recorder to help you get better. Sometimes our music makes Mrs.Chenier want to cry with joy. Other times she wants to cry for other reasons. We want to make her cry with joy not other reasons. I wonder what Mrs.Oprandy would do if we reached black belt.

sports column

I am hoping that anyone willing to write will help. Please see me if you would like to write this column.

Art column

This column is for kids interested in art. There will be a piece of art work that one student from our class gave me in each newspaper. You will get a description and the name of the picture. Please send any art because the last newspaper will have most of the art given to me that hasn't been shown.

Now it's time for the leader of the month

Andy Roberts

This month Andy Roberts won leader of the month for February. The habit was began with the end in mind. He won for his improvement in his goals. Only those there could tell what his expression had been. He came up to me kind of confused and asked what he was supposed to do with it. The whole purple table was shocked and very happy. I talked to Andy to see how he felt." Encouraged," was his answer after a long day at school. Let's get ready for another leader of the month!