SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

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Hello SIMS Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you all settling into your yearly school time routines. Routines, rituals and consistency are how students thrive in their learning environments. As a staff, we try to continually provide students with routines in order for them to be able to predict what their day will look like.

We are at the beginning of week three now. We have started tracking tardies. Please remember that we begin school at 9:00 AM on Mondays and 8:00 AM the rest of the week. It is crucial that students arrive on time in order to not have any missed learning time. As I stated in my last newsletter, every single student has a core content class first period. Meaning, every student has either Math, Language Arts, Social Studies or Science to start their day. Missed time means missed learning.

Some of you may have sixth through eighth grade students that have been talking about our Student Leadership Team, formerly ASB. Application packets were made available last Friday and students have until 3:00 pm this Friday to get them into the office. They are required to have a completed packet which includes, teacher recommendations, parent signatures and each individual student must answer some questions completely as well. I look forward to working with this group of students in order to bring back some leadership opportunities.

Each of our sixth through eighth grade students have been issued a locker and a lock. It is our expectation that they use them to keep their items safe. Students are not allowed to carry their backpacks during the day. Students are also not allowed to carry their cell phones during the day. It is crucial that students lock their lockers in order to secure their personal belongings.

Please make sure that you pay particular attention to all the information that Mrs. Nau is including in our newsletter as well. There is a lot of information because we have a lot going on. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Mr. Proctor


I am going to try and do some staff spotlights for each newsletter. I want to have the opportunity to introduce staff to the community and say a few words about what their role is and how they play such an important part in educating your children.

Jennifer Upchurch: Ms. Upchurch teaches fifth grade and is a graduate of the University of Portland. This is Ms. Upchurch’s second year at SIMS. Ms. Upchurch has been helping staff with our transition to Synergy, our new student information system and gradebook. I appreciate all her hard work and energy she brings to our staff and school. You are amazing!!
Erin Hill: Mrs. Hill has been teaching for twenty seven years, all of them at SIMS. She teaches sixth grade social studies and our seventh grade AVID elective class. Mrs. Hill has also been a leader in our switch to Synergy. She has given up her own time to learn the system and provide support to her colleagues. Thank you Erin. You are awesome!!


Parents should plan to pick up their student and luggage between 1:45 and 2:00 pm on Friday, September 29. Students who ride the bus home after school will need to be picked up because they won't be able to ride the bus with their luggage.


Picture day will be on Tuesday, Oct. 10. All students will be photographed whether they are purchasing photos or not. Packets will be sent home in a few weeks.

Order online at

School Name: Stayton Intermediate/Middle School

Picture Day Date: Tuesday, October 10

Picture Day ID: EVT8CDDKQ

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