What A Year...

By Andrew Defiore && Chelsea Horton



Tet Offensive

In late January of 68, the communists of Vietcong as well as US troops made a coordinated attack of South Korea which resulted in heavy losses for both. Because of this it weakened the Americans support on the war. And South Korea was left in poverty and homeless.
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Democratic Convention

During this convention, riots occurred causing the Mayor to call in troops to maintain the chaos. There were over 11,000 police and over 10,000 FBI, army, and national guards present. The whole ordeal was over anti war concerning Vietnam. The violence escalated due to frustrations among the people. Many civilians and officials lost lives and were injured critically.
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Assassination of Robert Kennedy

The brother of our 35th President, Robert Kennedy was killed June 6th of 68 in LA. Right after giving his speech a man snuk past his guards and shot him several times with a 22. He was not killed on impact, but once he reached the hospital he passed. Being prepared for the worse, John Fitzgerald took into office. This caused more devastation among the American people and allowing more violence to break out.
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Assassination of Martin Luther KIng Jr.

The leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed by James Earl Ray. This man was against Dr. King because of his views on the Americans way of dealing with racism. He felt as if King was forcing his views upon people on which he didnt agree. With a strong belief of Blacks being lower than himself, he saw Martin as a threat to his authority. Being a leader to many, the Americans of this county were devastated to see a man who fought for freedom and equality of all go to such an early and meaningless death.
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1968 Elections