Belridge Secondary ESC News

April 2022

From the Principals Desk

Dear families,

Despite the many hurdles and challenges that Term 1 has presented us all with, it has certainly flown by! The students have been extraordinary in these uncertain times and it has been an absolute pleasure to see their smiling faces as they arrive at school each day. The staff have worked above and beyond to continue to provide exceptional opportunities to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning in these times. Their flexibility and understanding as we face staffing shortages due to the COVID pandemic has been second to none and I thank each and every one of our staff for rising to this challenge.

We understand that it has been a difficult time as we navigate through COVID-19 and value the close relationships and communications with you. During the course of this term, we have had many positive COVID cases reported resulting in a significant number of Close Contacts being identified. We know that this can be a difficult time as students identified as a Close Contact are able to attend school, however, they are required to isolate outside of school and not attend any extra-curricular activities and social events during their isolation period. These decisions are not made lightly and I would like to thank parents for their understanding in identifying individual close contacts in our school context. Many of these individual telephone conversations have occurred outside of school hours and on the weekends as the Leadership Team has worked tirelessly to make sure that all families are directly informed as soon as possible. Thank you again for your understanding!

Please be assured that that the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to follow the latest WA Health advice. I encourage you to stay up to date on COVID-19 safe measures at I also take this opportunity to remind you to monitor yourself and your child for symptoms of COVID-19, and please keep your child home from school and get them tested if they are unwell. Many of our staff are impacted also as they isolate or care for their own children at home. Previously mentioned our school, like most schools. are experiencing staffing shortages, but our focus remains on the safe continuity of our learning programs.

To assist us in our daily planning, we ask that you;

  • Notify us at your earliest convenience (even if after hours) if your child has tested positive,
  • Please keep your child at home if they are symptomatic, or are feeling unwell
  • Please notify the school if your child is not attending school.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school as your early communication is very much appreciated and you can: contact the school directly on 9408 8050 during school hours, using our School App or by emailing:

We continue to be available for any queries or concerns that you may have and appreciate the positive support shown for our staff, who are doing a wonderful job under difficult circumstances. We continue to keep your child's health and wellbeing at the centre of all decision making and prioritise all of our team in our school community.

We look forward to having our Final WEBEX Assembly this afternoon to celebrate our student’s many achievements as well as to announce the raffle winners from the Easter stall that Year 11.1 held yesterday-what an incredible stall it was-well done Year 11.1! It certainly has been a lovely way to finish the term.

On behalf of all of the staff, I sincerely wish all our Belridge SESC community a Happy Easter and a safe and relaxing holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all return on Tuesday the 26th of April for Term Two.

Kind regards,

Jenine Wall


Important Dates

Friday 8th April - Last Day of Term 1

Monday 25th April - Pulbic Holiday - ANZAC DAY

Tuesday 26th April - First Day of Term 2

Friday 3rd June - Staff Development Day - PUPIL FREE

Monday 6th June - Public Holiday - WA Day

Friday 1st July - Last Day of Term 2

National Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month is the month of April.

National Autism Awareness Day fell on Saturday the 2nd of April; however, the Belridge School Community came together to celebrate this day on Friday the 1st of April 2022.

With awareness comes education and with education comes acceptance. 'Autism Acceptance' celebrates autistic culture, and tells others that people with autism are valuable to their families, our communities and to the world exactly as they are. Acceptance is creating a better, fairer and more inclusive world for everyone.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Middle School News

I would like to congratulate our students for all the hard work and enthusiasm they have demonstrated throughout Term 2. I am so proud of you, each and every one of you!! Our school values, ‘Safe, Respectful and Responsible’ have been a big part of everything we do here at Belridge SESC and it is great to see all of our students demonstrating these values each and every day.

There have been many highlights across middle school this term including students nominating for student council. Public speaking can be very daunting, yet the middle school students did this extremely well, so congratulations to all of you. Other highlights included; the announcement of our middle school student councillors, the announcement of award winners and PBS winners at our fortnightly assembly.

We celebrated Chinese New Year this term. Mag 1 and 2 students have created a garden area which has created a smorgasbord of hands on activities that students thoroughly enjoy. We have introduced some new equipment that the students are really enjoying at break times. Students have enjoyed making a range of meals in Home Economics classes and are improving their skills in the kitchen. We also have teachers who have been investigating and trialling a range of evidence based programs and assessments in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Communication. This will be a yearlong investment in order to provide our students with the very best education and to support our students to have every opportunity to achieve their very best. We really have had a busy Term!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to wish students, staff, parents and carers all the very best over the holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Senior School News

Where did that term go?

It's been a very unusual time with a high rate of student and staff absences as we've had a number of COVID cases within our school community. Thank you to all families for your support in following testing requirements and also collecting students when requested to do so. Generally the students have been remarkably calm about the whole situation and continue to get on with the work they are assigned when they are here.

It was disappointing that the Year 12 School Ball had to be re-scheduled due to a change in COVID restrictions. I am really looking forward to this event when it occurs later in the year. At this stage the proposed date is in August. I will share any information with you as decisions are made.

One of the events that we normally host during Term 1 is the Beyond School Parent Information Night. As we have not been able to hold it so far this year I sent a link to parents/carers for an online forum that Gaelen Williams from APM ran with information pertinent to support available through NDIS funding. I hope you were able to listen to one of the available sessions. Gaelen is always willing to support families and can be contacted on 0415 999 707 or email him at: We are looking forward to holding something in Term 2!

The Year 11 and 12 classes are enjoying a range of new programs we have introduced to keep a focus on employability skills. There are a number of Business Enterprises which the teachers have discussed in their newsletter articles.

Congratulations to our Student Councillors for Upper School:

Year 10 - Sari Burger 10-1 and Faith Pascoe 10-2

Year 11 - Theo McMillan 11-1 and Sienna Gazey 11-2

Year 12 - Clancy Waterman 12-1 and Matthew Taylor 12-2

I look forward to working with them on projects within the school.

The student councillors promoted Autism Awareness on Friday 1st of April and had made up class packs of bracelets, ribbons, stickers and awareness pins as well as putting posters up all over the campus. We wore blue accessories as well as distributed blue lollipops to our mainstream counterparts.

Our last Upper School Assembly will be held online on Friday the 8th of April where I will draw the PBS raffle ticket prizes and present Certificates of Excellence to students who have been awarded one by their teacher.

Have a happy and safe holiday and Easter Break - here's hoping Term 2 will not be as restricted!!

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Senior School

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Harmony Week - March 15th - March 21st

Belridge Secondary ESC celebrated Harmony Week by educating and sending the message that 'everyone belongs'. We spent time focusing on and educating others about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

Classroom staff were very creative with their lessons related to cultural diversity through a range of fun educational activities. We also had many of our students and staff dress in orange to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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This term, the boys have worked very hard on creating a MAG garden. They have helped pot and water the plants and created some beautiful pebbles to decorate the garden.

Our grass heads have had a haircut and are all looking very dapper.

We have been busy cooking, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes, the boys were excellent at flipping the pancakes and thoroughly enjoyed eating them. We have also made toasties, baked potatoes and a special treat to bring home for Easter - we hope you enjoy!

The boys have been very creative in Art, using marbles and spiky balls to create some amazing artworks. During Science they have collected and stuck leaves to paper to create a natural artwork and used leaves to create rubbings using oil pastels.

We have started learning Auslan signs during our morning songs. We have been singing "See It, Say It, Sign It" every morning and learning the signs for the letters of the alphabet and learning the signs for the days of the week.

Happy Holidays.

Tracy Buckley and the MAG1 Team.

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Today, the students received a very special letter in the mail: it was from the Easter Bunny! The letter was addressed to each student and told them about his upcoming visit to the class. The Easter Bunny knew the class had been learning about rhyming, so he used rhyming words to give clues about where he may hide eggs.

There was also a special delivery to the class which contained Easter hunt bags with individual names on them - even the teacher and EA's got one. Most students in the class are learning to recognise their own written name, and the clever Easter Bunny knew this. Each student had to read one with their name on it by looking at the beginning letter. Another student had the tricky job of reading the teacher and EA bags so everyone got the correct one.

There were three different colours - blue, green and pink. Students had to identify which colour theirs was, as well as group those with the same colour. The students were so excited to receive the bags and letter and they cannot wait until the Easter Bunny visits with an Easter egg hunt. Keep an eye out at the beginning of Term 2 for the update on how the egg hunt goes and how the Easter Bunny will help the class learn more about English and Maths.

Crystal Thompson

7-1 Teacher

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Class 7-2 has had a wonderful end of Term One. We have been working on our IEP goals in English, Mathematics, HASS, Health, Science and Sport. In between this learning, the students have enjoyed gardening with Mrs Hull, reading and playing games in the library, helping with class jobs and bike riding. We have been doing activities on the zones of regulation in Health classes. Each student has created an individualised toolkit to help themselves get back into or stay in the green zone. The students have been practising these skills and changing the toolkit if needed.

In Home Economics with Ms Hill, we have been cooking lots of different types of food. So far we have made nachos, bacon and egg sandwiches, pikelets and burgers. In Design and Technology, the students have been making key rings, a wooden boat and a garden shovel. In Art, the focus has been on textiles, drawing and sewing. In Dance, the students have been practising different movement, body language and facial expressions. In Sport, the students have been playing a modified version of cricket, practising cricket skills and doing circuit training.

Mrs Daisy McCulloch

7-2 Teacher

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7-2 Textile Landscapes

Below are photographs of the Textile Landscapes created by the 7-2 class. Following a drawing exercise using photographs of Australian landscape, the students used fabric pieces that they cut and collaged to create landscapes designs. These were further enhanced with hand stitching and decorative stitching using the sewing machine. Students needed to follow instructions for stitch selection, guiding the machine presser foot along fabric/colour edges and using the automatic cutting device on the machine. All the students really enjoyed using the sewing machine however this would not have been possible without the excellent assistance of the EAs. They guided the students through another activity so I could work one to one with each student on the machine.

Mrs Anna Dyer

Coordinator - Fashion Design Specialist Program

Belridge Secondary College

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How fast has first term flashed by. Congratulations must go to all our Year 7 students for completing their first term at high school with such success. We are very proud of our students in Year 7-3 who have adapted well to their timetable, worked hard to achieve their learning goals and made new friends as well as continued on with friendships from primary school.

Congratulations to Sawyer Allen and Vanessa Tahon who have been elected as the Year 7 student councillors for 2022.

Our class is celebrating their successes with a movie “Paulie” and some special Easter activities on Thursday 7th April.

Thank you to parents and carers for your support and to Miss Dunston, Mrs McDade, Miss Bennett, Mrs Williams and Miss Bolanca for your care and assistance with our class over this Term.

Enjoy the school holidays everyone. Stay safe and we will look forward to Term 2.

Pauline Egan

7-3 Teacher

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The students in 8-1 have continued to enjoy all our specialty subjects. In cooking we have made cookies, hamburgers, cake in a cup and hot dogs, our favourite part of the lesson is still eating our delicious creations. In D&T the students worked hard making their chopping boards, they also chose a design that was burnt into their boards. We all love dancing and our teacher Miss Emma is an enthusiastic leader who the students love to follow.

In Digital Technologies this term we have looked at staying safe online, finding a balance between being online and playing with our friends as well as knowing where to go online and who to talk to. We are also working through an online coding program. We have had the most fun programming our KUBO robots. We created different paths for the robot to follow, using problem solving skills when the robot goes off course. We also used the city map to program KUBO to go from one location to another, we used lots of partner work and working in small groups.

We are looking forward to our holidays and also to the year ahead.

Ms Carlyon, Mrs Curran, Miss M and Mrs Cren.

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8-2 have had lots of fun throughout Term 1. This term, we have learned the importance of being kind to others as well as to ourselves.

Congratulations to our Year 8 Student Councillors Sienna and Jhi. Your speeches were fantastic! We are very proud of you.

All students have settled in to their new classroom well and are working hard at achieving their learning goals. We have completed activities this term on Pancake Day, Harmony Day, St Patricks Day, School Clean-Up Day, Autism Awareness Day and even lots of Easter fun! Students also took part in a food tasting celebration in class to experience different cultural foods from around the world. This was very enjoyable! Thank you to all parents for bringing in yummy snacks.

We are looking forward to being back at school next term to take part in lots more learning experiences.

Keira Savin

8-2 Teacher

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We have had an extremely positive and enjoyable first term in 8-3. For this newsletter, I would like to share some of our work completed in our English, Gardening and Art programs.

In English, the class has continued the Talk4Writing program where students have worked hard to create two interesting and descriptive short stories that they are all proud of. It is fantastic to see their progress from their 'cold task' to their 'independent task'.

Hayley's description of the haunted house:

"it looked spooky, scary and creepy...It was dark and they could see big spiders and cobwebs everywhere".

Phoebe's description of the old water park:

"The water park was old, abandoned, big and scary".

Cameron's description of Hillarys Marina:

"He grabbed his towel, swim stuff and his Nintendo Switch and jumped in the car. Hillarys was windy, busy, noisy and expensive".

Ollie's description of Saturn's Rings:

"The rings were stunning, strong and icy as rock".

Lila's description of the Ramen Shop:

"The Ramen Shop was quiet, cool and had LED lights. It had Japanese buns, sushi, bubble tea and ramen".

Jessica's description of the Lake:

"The lake was dangerous, scary and big. It was also very brisk".

In our weekly gardening sessions Mrs Hull has provided opportunities for the students to complete various tasks. These include watering the garden, using the wheelbarrow to transport garden waste, planting basil and vegetables and potting marigolds and strawberries. It has been fantastic to see the students engaged in these practical tasks.

For our Art Program this term, we have followed the program “Thinking About Jimmy”. The program explores Jimmy Pike’s artwork and the themes of energy, connection to country or place and joyful colour. The class has responded to various examples of Jimmy’s artwork and then used this as a base for their creations. Throughout the program, we explored the use of ‘lines’, ‘shapes’, ‘colour’ and ‘emotions’. Some of the activities included creating a name picture, creating a self-portrait on scraper paper (scratch art), identifying different types of lines, creating a ‘feeling picture’, a drawing of a special place on sandpaper, sand bracelets and artwork and a painting of wildflowers on canvas.

Lauren Thompson

8-3 Teacher

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In 9-1 we have been enjoying celebrating the special days.

In class we completed our curriculum activities using St Patricks Day in Week 8. We listened to some Irish music, attempted some traditional dancing and learnt all about St Patrick.

We all shared what we would do if we found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We also enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day. Everyone's favourite part of the day was the ice cream truck and eating our ice creams together.

Chloe Jordan

9-1 Teacher

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The term has flown by, as the students in 9-2 continue to work well across all learning areas!

In Home Economics with Ms Hill, the class has made many tasty dishes and snacks including macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and pizzas.

During Design and Technology lessons with Mr Hontscharenko, the students have made a chopping board and a keyring, and are currently working on a pencil case box.

In Visual Arts with Mrs Dyer, the students are designing textile mosaics, while during Art lessons with Ms Wright, they are painting colour wheels.

The students have also enjoyed improving their cricket skills during Physical Education lessons with Mr Pantelis.

Enjoy the break everyone, see you next term!

Steve McMahon

9-2 Teacher

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The Patch

Our students have been working hard with many garden projects this term.

We had visitors from Bunnings come to help us create a frog pond. We have continued to add more plants to provide cover for the frogs to hide in. We are all eagerly awaiting some froggy friends!

The Agrifood students have been putting in a tremendous effort in The Patch. They have set up an all new worm farm, prepared and planted out all the raised garden beds with new seedlings and have also planted out the kitchen garden beds for Home Economics to use for their cooking. Students have been demonstrating great teamwork and have been very eager to tackle each task. Their hard work is producing fantastic results.

As part of their theory work, students have been studying safety in the workplace, focusing on safety signs and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for different roles and work environments. Our students had a great time participating in safety talks and trying on different PPE.

Pauline Hull

The Patch - Garden Guru

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Wow I cannot believe Term 1 is over already - it has been such an amazing start to the year!

Well, the students from MAG 2 have been hard at work in the ILC this term as the feedback we have received on the biscuits we make for Cobra Café has been so positive! As our students have become very proficient with our shortbread biscuit recipe, we have begun to explore other recipes which require different ingredients as well as using different kitchen equipment so to finish off the term we made batches of Easter egg cookies to accompany drink orders during the last two weeks.

The MAG Garden project is well underway with our sunflowers being planted alongside several already established plants including lemons, mandarins, tomatoes, and herbs. With the garden in place, we will be learning about the basic needs of plants and ensuring we are addressing all of these needs for our plants to grow and remain healthy. Watch this space for pictures to come when our seedlings grow to produce beautiful bright sunflowers.

On Wednesdays with Mrs Semmens, our students have been making such amazing progress with their sessions on the bikes and really enjoying expressing themselves creatively through using a range of materials to create different types of artworks.

Well done on a productive and positive start to the year MAG 2!!

Katherine Vales

MAG2 Teacher

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Term 1 seems to have flown by with just a final few days to go! All the students have had a great start to 2022 with everyone working well across all areas.

In Science we have been looking at Chemical Sciences and learning about how heating and cooling various foods can change its properties. Classes have been fun, hands on and engaging and everyone has had fun making predictions about whether the change can be reversed or not.

Friday cooking sessions in the ILC have proved to be a class favourite, with students all involved with the preparation of food, collecting equipment and ingredients, washing dishes, serving, table manners, washing and hanging out the aprons after use.

Another focus in our class this Term has been resilience and kindness. We have a kindness jar in our class for random acts of kindness and this is rewarded as a whole class.

“Kindness is like a boomerang, if you throw it often, it often comes back.” This came from an Aboriginal Dreamtime story that we watched in line with our Aboriginal studies in HASS.

I cannot forget to mention a busy Term with a few birthday celebrations for Abigail, Sari, Thaya and Miss B!

The team from 10-1 wish you all a safe and happy Easter break, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Take care and warm wishes,

Iffah Doyle

10-1 Teacher

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I can say the first 5 weeks weren't a fluke. Class 10-2 is a classroom filled with likeable, talented, hardworking individuals. These impressive students have had a great first term, with the students really pushing themselves and stepping up to their roles as Senior School students.

Our first term was filled with lively class discussions, hard work and heated Uno and Connect 4 competitions. We have been learning about natural selection and adaptations, safeguards to our political systems and recognizing our self-regulations needs and practicing responses to peer pressure scenarios.

These environmentally conscious students continue to save the future and make the world a more sustainable place with their participation in the Belridge recycling program. They even took time out of their busy schedules to take part in the Belridge Clean-up day.

Thank you to all the brilliant students for all their hard work, positive attitudes and for making this such a fantastic start to the year. Thank you to the carers and families and wonderful teaching staff for making this term such a success.

Keep up the great work Team 10-2. Have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Simon Malloy

10-2 Teacher

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The 11-1 students have been super excited in the lead up to the Easter stall.

In Business Enterprise the students Easter crafts have included Easter theme cards, Easter bunny hats/crowns, Easter bunny photo frames and marbling mugs. In Meal Preparation the students have been melting chocolate then freezing them in Easter theme moulds to put into the marbled mugs. In Horticulture the students have been busy potting marigolds, chives and basil seedlings to then go into Easter baskets. 11.1 students have also enjoyed working as a team to produce all the different items that will be sold at the Easter stall.

Thanks to the staff at Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre for donating Easter eggs, Easter craft and to Mrs Pauline Hull for making an awesome Easter cake that was raffled to one lucky winner.

The 11-1 staff and students wish you a safe and relaxing Easter break.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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Term 1 has ended on a good note in our class, students have shown great resilience and perseverance through all the changes.

11-2 students have continued being a close-knit group, socialising during breaks and after school as well. They have demonstrated excelled teamwork, kindness and compassion. They continue to support each other in class, social and practical tasks.

Congratulations to Sienna for becoming a Student Councillor. We look forward to having her as an advocate for the other students.

11-2 students have displayed a keen interest for history and how the world around them works. They researched where their main water sources at home are, different health campaigns, inspiring women in women's history month and athletes during the Olympics. Students have been exploring career options, income avenues and learning about money and letter writing.

During DFES students have learnt about Australian flags, raising the flags and all about ANZAC Day. Students each made a candle holder in memory of the ANZACs. In Agri-foods we have been learning about different tools, safety when gardening and have been making flower beds and collecting rubbish.

We all enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day in the school. Students learnt to say 'Hello' and count to 10 in different languages. We also decorated some pebbles for our Native Garden area.

I look forward to a great Term 2 with the 11-2 stars!

11-2 Team

Sharon Mandoreba, Josh Miller, Kristian Partridge & Jade Mountjoy

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So here we are, the final week of Term One, where has the time gone? Despite the rollercoaster that has been this term, Class 11-3 have worked solidly to complete all set tasks.

Progress through their Certificate II Course has been pleasing, with all students successfully completing their first two units, digital technology, and work-related strategies. We have also begun the third unit which is a numeracy unit that focuses on decimals, percentages, and fractions. We will complete this next term. I congratulate students on working hard through these intense units and applaud their efforts in completing both the practical and theoretical aspects of each unit.

To supplement Module One of their ASDAN – Enterprise Course, students have researched a chosen entrepreneur, where they had to find out about their skill sets, their qualifications, their business attributes and how these skills and qualities have benefited production within their companies. Alongside this, students have learned the different types of enterprises and tips on how to make business successful.

PE lessons have been more consistent of late due to the more predictable weather. Students have been partaking in modified dodgeball games where they have developed their locomotion skills as well as their tactical skills in defence and attack. Next term, we will continue with ball sports and concentrate on specific skills around opponent manipulation and set plays.

Protective Behaviour lessons have continued with a key eye on self and social awareness. Students are developing their skills in social interactions, awareness of self within a team environment, and how to view a social setting so to respond in an appropriate manner. Next term, we will look further into personal passions, motivations, and purposes.

In additional cross-curricular activities, the students recently participated in the Clean Up Belridge Day and assisted in a stocktake of the sports shed as part of their Maths and Certificate course.

In closing, it has been a busy and hectic term and I wish to congratulate the students on their hard work and their resilience through what has been a turbulent term. Enjoy the break and I shall see you ready to go for Term Two.

Tom Cann

11-3 Teacher

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Term 1 has been a busy but rewarding term in 12-1 as the students have been working hard across all their subjects.

ASDAN Meal Preparation has allowed the students to practice valuable skills from looking at recipes, writing their shopping list of ingredients and shopping online. Once the ingredients have been sourced students have been learning a variety of skills in the kitchen to produce beautiful and yummy main meals and desserts. Skills include cutting, grating, cracking eggs, using a beater, using a frypan and using a microwave to name just a few. All students are thoroughly enjoying their cooking time and especially eating the finished product. The team work shown by the class to create and then clean-up has been fantastic to see.

ASDAN Business Enterprise has kept the students very busy with our popular 'Sparkling Car Wash' business. The class is doing 2 cars every Friday and so far have raised $150 for their chosen charity the RSPCA. The students are learning valuable work skills while completing their ASDAN course and raising money for charity. Superstars!

As part of their work skills lessons 12-1 have been collating pamphlets for letter drops in the local area. The class works together to complete the often large task of collating so that it can be collected by the person responsible for the delivery component. So far the class has raised $110 for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

A visual record of our earnings for both charities is up in the classroom for the students to see.

We are all looking forward to a well-earned break over the holidays and enjoying Easter with our families.

Happy Easter and stay safe. See you in Term 2.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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Term 1 continues to be a very production time for the 12-2 class. While they handled the delay of the school ball with calm and maturity, they have also displayed resilience with some class disruptions for the last two weeks. This has given the group lots of opportunities to discuss the biggest changes they will face as they move out of school towards new directions in 2023 and beyond. In that regard students have completed ASDAN short course topics on Career Pathways, which has incorporated the NDIS’s Let’s talk about work booklet. I have also had the opportunity to complete some additional training to give me an extended understanding of NDIS employment support to access suitable, sustainable and meaningful employment for school leavers. This included the interesting option of customised employment, which both parents and students can explore this year.

As the Year 12’s approach voting age we are also completing Citizenship short courses on Government and Democracy looking at common words and phrases as well as research on the main viewpoints of political parties. This will be a timely topic with the upcoming Federal Election giving the students exposure to the electoral process in real time.

We are continuing to enjoy reading the beautiful Black Cockatoo novel and to support this we watched a short Australian film called One Night the Moon. We have the haunting theme song, This land is mine on repeat at the moment.

We have recently celebrated the 17th birthdays of Jen, Xander, Zoe and Megan and hope they all enjoyed their special day.

Another special day was helping Mr Molloy with Clean up Australia Day on Friday 18th March. We combined this with wearing Orange for Harmony Day.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the wonderful 12-2 staff for making every day run smoothly and for supporting the students and me with a kind word or a laugh when we need it. Thank you Mrs Wearing, Ms Jacqui and Mrs Willis.

Sarah Hobson

12-2 Teacher

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Ocean Ridge - All Abilities Footy

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Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022

Over two huge days you can find and connect with up to 200 service providers all in one place. Registrations are filling fast for Service Providers as well so get in quick.

We are focused on supporting Participants to access Disability Service Providers, Early Intervention, Allied Health, Capacity Building, Therapeutic, Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care, as well as, all things NDIS.

This event will be free for the community to attend. Over two huge days you can find Service Providers, reconnect and ask all those questions you have about NDIS and navigating your plans, funds and options.

If you are applying for the NDIS, are new to NDIS or have a current NDIS plan, are looking for service options or have questions you need to ask, then this event is a must attend event for 2022.

We have done away with the traditional show-case model and have created an event where you can:

  • View Service Provider displays on the day
  • Meet Providers and discuss your situations 1:1 with meeting spaces available for participating Providers
  • Ask questions and be guided by our team of concierge Support Coordinators from Western Australia’s leading service providers, to explain, answer questions, review possibilities and then guide you

Don’t just browse tables! There will be an online booking system for Participants to book face to face meetings with Service Providers of their choice over the two days to find out more and see who may be a good fit for them.

Register through the Eventbrite website.

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Para-sport: WA Multi-Sport Come & Try Day - Paralympics Australia

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