BY Eric Gutierez

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Electric football game

NFL Electric Football lets you call the plays to march your football action figures down the vibrating gridiron. It's America's favorite football game on the big stage of the National Football League. The original Tudor Games NFL Electric Football game is back, and it’s better than ever!
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Children's typewriter

its like a real type writer but just for kids it has all the things a real type writer has. So if u want a typewriter for your kid and your kid cant have a real one just buy the toy one.
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Fun Game of Twister which came out in 1966 and gained in popularity after other people started playing it on tv shows. People still play in in 2015. its a fun because if you like hard challenging games this is the one for you.


The reason i chose this topic because i love toys and games and i wanted to see games from the 1960s.