Coyote Chronicle

December 2018 Edition

Leader of The Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for December 2018. This month the character trait exemplified was Empathy.

Join us in celebrating:

Fifth Grade:

Emily Winterbottom, Aydan Mason, Omar Rodriguez, and Aubrey Truax

Sixth Grade:

Maelin Aponte, Paul Stalba, Frankie Franzonsi, and Daniel Hann

Seventh Grade:

Alyssa Bartling, Maiti James, Leah Martin, and Gabby Kienzle

Eighth Grade:

Grace Long,Lorenzo Fortunato, and Elizabeth Fortunato

Middle School Special Area:

Ashley Ponzetti

Holiday Sing-A-Long

“Two Programs; One Pack”

Fifth and sixth grade students from Mr. Hannel’s classroom are seen here continuing a partnership with their neighbors from across the hall: the Y.A.L.E. School. Mr. Hannel’s and Ms. Redeker’s students meet on a semi-weekly basis with the goal of modeling social skills and how to complete sequenced tasks through a variety of fun and meaningful activities. Our Coyotes, in turn, learn what it means to be mentors, and the importance of embracing each other’s differences.

-Mr. Hannel

Goal Setting Fun!!

7th grade Fin Lit class working on Goal Setting. They had to set a goal and then build a free standing tower using marshmallows and toothpicks.

-Mr. Curll

8th Grade Landfill Project

As part of their Environmental Science unit, the 8th graders researched different types of landfills. The student groups then did a slide show report of their findings. In addition, each group made a "shoebox" model of their chosen landfill. To test the models, 500 mL of rain came down on their landfill to see if they could protect Evergreen, their "town" from the toxic runoff. There were many great projects and possibly some future engineers were established!

6th Grade Sings "Sakura"

6th graders in music class worked on theme and variations of the Japanese song “Sakura.” The students played the melody on bells, and then worked in groups to create one change to the song.

-Ms. Ocheske

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's eighth graders utilized self and peer revisions to help them improve their literary analysis essays for The Giver.

PBIS team work

Student's in Mrs. Tomasello health class team up with PBIS to spread a drug-free message. "I can run and laugh with glee because I will always be drug-free. All students received a reusable water bottle with the message attached.

Storytelling with Totem Poles

After learning about the Native American tribes, students designed their own totem poles. Totem pole carving was a tradition of the Indigenous people of the Northwest Coast. The poles portrayed legends and culturally important stories of the people. Once created, each group presented an original story told in the tradition of oral storytelling.

Spanish Teacher Greets Students

Mrs. Munoz greets her students before they enter the Spanish class. She says, "Buenos dias. Como estas?" Students respond in Spanish.

Waffles with Mr. McLaughlin

Mr. McLaughlin's homeroom enjoys some home made waffles on the final day before the winter break.

Constructing an Essay

Before writing their own literary analysis essays, 8th graders took a closer look at a model essay. Student partners were given strips of paper for each part of the essay: Hook, Bridge/Summary, Thesis/Claim, Topic Sentences, Introduction/Lead-In of Evidence, Quoted Pieces of Evidence, Explanation/Commentary of Evidence, Concluding Sentences, Restatement of Thesis, Summary of Main Points, and FInal, Thought-Provoking Statement. Together, they read, discussed, and identified each part, organizing the papers to create a coherent essay. This activity required students to examine how the author organized each body paragraph, as well as how the textual evidence presented by the writer connected back to his thesis statement.

7th Grade Baby Shower

he 7th graders surprised Mrs. Magalong with a baby shower, filled with snacks, gifts, and a rousing game of Guess That Baby! They are such an amazingly thoughtful group of kids.

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1/18 No School Staff In-Service Day

1/21 No School Dr. Martin Luther King Day

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8th Grade Yearbook Recognition Ads

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