Erin's Amazing Science 6 Page

This is my smore to show my learning in science.

An Intro to Me (Erin)

Hi, my name is Erin (as shown above) in my spare time, I like to read, do arts and crafts (such as sewing, carpentry, and making random models), and like and kid to play video games. I love science in general so this is already one of my favorite classes.

Introduction to Science 6

Intro to Science 6

During the unit introduction to Science 6, we learned how to make observations and inferences from those observations, qualitative and quantitative observations, how to use a triple beam balance weight measuring device, how to use a metric ruler, how to use a microscope, and about latitude and longitude. Intro to science 6 was about learning to use the equipment and learning about what we would do later in the year.

My Favorite Science 6 Lab

My current favorite lab (favorite during 10/19/16) was the letter 'e' lab since it was the first time I actually got to use the microscope properly (without eyelash annoyances) I really enjoyed that.

Personal Opinion

Dear Mrs. Smith

Using the I-pad was really difficult, when I was trying to finish up on the page all my work deleted itself for no reason, I clicked a box to add a picture, and then poof!!! It was deleted. If the page is missing a picture or text box now you know why.


Erin McConnell