Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools


Sig 3 reading begins with a great story about Henry and Tim, two geese. As students read this series they learn many new facts about geese and their flying patterns. In about a week, we will have our first fluency check out and test at this level. Hopefully, students will remain as consistent as they were performing at the previous level.

In writing, students completed book review of Golden Sower Books. Their reviews have been archived in a site available to other EM students. Second graders even made their own QR code to connect to their review. This is attached to the inside cover of the book.

Students also have begun writing pen pals letters in our writing time, too.

April Book Club

Students voted to select the April Book Club choice. Will and Orv was chosen, a historical fiction about the Wright Brothers. Book Club will be held at lunch on Wednesday, April 29. Remind your child to have the book read by then.


In math this week, students learned about reflections (flips), translations (slides), and rotations (turns). They also started multiplying by 4. Learning how to choose survey questions, show data on a graph, and use graphing points on a coordinate graph were discussed. On Friday, they even learned how to count back change.

Social Studies and Science

Pioneer life has been interesting to the students. They continue to learn the hardships of those who first settled in this area and beyond. They are learning about the tough choices pioneers had to make in order to survive the dangerous trip across our country.

In Science, students are anxiously waiting to see if we hatch any eggs on Tuesday. So far, candling indicates we have healthy embryos developing into chicks. Each day we read to find out how the chick has developed.

Also in Science, a new chapter was started: Changes in Matter, chapter 10 (for Zondle questions).