Freshwater Wetlands

By: Matthew and Ian

Here are a couple of pictures of the wetlands and organisms that live there.

Location of Wetlands

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The animals of the fresh water wetlands all have different traits to survive. Most of the animals in the wetlands learn to survive on land and in water expect fish.


The animals of the freshwater wetlands are very unique in their own way. Some are fighters and some run and some swim and some walk.Most of the animals in the wetlands have many species that live in the wetlands and are different then the ones that they came from.
Fresh Water Wetlands

Weather in the Wetlands

The average weather in the Florida freshwater marsh is sunny and in the 80’s.

In the winter, the high is normally about 77 degrees.

In the summer it is on average 90 degrees with the humidity of 90%.

Mosquitoes are abundant in all freshwater Marsh biomes.

The average rainfall per year in the Florida freshwater marsh is about 60 inches.

Animals that have adapted to the wetlands

Gators have adapted by holding their breathe for long periods of time. They use this to hunt their prey.

The first one is the river otter’s high metabolism. Swimming in cold waters can cause these animals to lose body heat very fast, but because of their high metabolism, they can generate heat almost 27 times as fast in water as they can in air.

Ecological Pyramid

In this pyramid the Great Blue Heron is the Quaternary producer and the Large mouth Bass is the Tertiary. The primary consumer is the Green sunfish. There are four different secondary consumers and three primary producers.
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Food Web