Bret is 16 years old and he just moved to Chicago. Bret friends r rich and spoiled. And his friend was invited to the party not Bret. Bret does ask his friend if is it ok for him to be at the party that hes not even invited to and his friend say yes its ok for you to come there at the party

questions did Bret get drunk?

yes he was

Did Bret hang out with anyone?

yes he did

We're things going out smooth for Bret?

At first yes at the end he ruined it for him self.

Did his crush liked to hang out with him at all at the party?

lets just say no only reason its not her its him he got no control over his judgments.

hes doing whatever coming to his mind and can't behave because Mr. Bret is #DRUNK people.

Did anything went wrong between Bret and his Crush Brianna the most popular girl in school?

yes and Brent was at this party and He sees his crush Brianna goes towards her talks to her for few seconds suddenly he starts to makes things go weird like Brent strolls around school with the popular girl Brianna on his arm. But when Brianna begs him to stop hounding her and she finally had enough ''''sstttooooppppp''' and he gets insulted in front of his classmates and everyone at the party knows him hes totally embarrassed he decides to suicide right after that he stormed out the party and left the show . He got in his car and tried to kill himself instead it goes all wrong. Angered, Brent drives away and tries to kill himself in a car crash. He crashes into a car being driven by a girl named Lea. She dies and he survives. Lea's mother tells Brent to build and place four whirligigs in the four corners.

She wants Brent to go to the four corners of the US, Washington, Maine, Florida, and California, and make four whirligigs. One per state. The whirligigs should have Lea on them to bring happiness to all that see the whirligig so that Lea's spirit can live on within them. Then Brent has to take a picture of it and give it to Mrs. Zamora so she knows he did it. Who pays for Brent's bus ticket? How many days is the ticket good for?

Mrs. Zamora pays. It's good for 45 days

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