"Why dogs love squirrels"

A Fable made by: Hope Young

Once upon a time

a squirrel named Sam was in his tree when he heard a "Meow" he looked to see a cat climbing a tree. She was running away from Taffy the dog. As the cat got closer he asked," What happened?" The cat looked up and said," I was asking her if she wanted to play then she went absolutely crazy!" Ok thought Sam I'd better just stay in the tree, that dog sounds horrible and mean. The next day the same thing happened to the doves of the trees. They flew up and landed on a branch next to Sam and he asked what happened, they replied," We asked him if we could get some bird seed from the deck when she barked at us!" Then suddenly the branch cracked and fell to the ground. When the squirrel looked up he was face to face with Taffy. Nowhere to run he looked at Taffy when *Lick* Taffy licked him and said, "Play!? Play!!! Play? Play Play Play Play!?!??!?!?!?!" The squirrel said," Your not so mean after all."


Get to know someone before you judge them.