Basketball Camps for 4-7year olds

Gotta start young and begin to have summer fun!

5 day basketball camp with experienced coaches teaching the game of basketball.


Are you a mom who has their kid go to a regular daycare? Are your kids not getting enough exercise because of the searing hot sun? As a hard working mom, we know the struggles that come with taking care of your kid but worry no more! Now, you can send them to a day long basketball camp at the local CRHS High school. With two indoor basketball courts activities will include: scrimmaging, one on one, and specialized fundamental training.

How we run the camp

At the Cinco Ranch Basketball Camp, we have lots of fun even if your child isn't really interested in basketball. On the other hand, we also apply the basic fundamentals for kids who are really more serious about the sport.

Additional Information

Our camp is 150 dollars. This includes a whole week (Monday-Friday) from 8am - 4pm. There will be a 15% off coupon for the total price. At the end of the camp your child will receive a basketball and a camp t-shirt.
Larry Falcon

Hayden Smith

Molly McCluskey