Sumner County Schools

Volume 5, Issue 1 - September 2020

2019-20 Year in Review

The end of the 2019-20 school year found our CTE students moving to online classes. While this was a difficult transition for all teachers, it was especially so for CTE teachers because of the hands-on nature of many of the classes. However, Sumner County CTE teachers were quick to mobilize and create lessons that allowed their students to learn and research beyond the traditional classroom setting. Sumner County CTE teachers did an outstanding job collaborating and providing weekly content for their students through the end of the school year.

Even though students were out of the classroom for 25% of the school year, CTE students still earned an impressive number of accomplishments - several of which occurred while students were learning at home during the pandemic:

  • 100 credits earned in dual enrollment CTE courses, up from 75 the prior year.
  • 63 students earned postsecondary credit by passing a dual credit exam in a CTE course
  • 9 students earned a 3 or above on an AP exam aligned to a CTE program of study

451 Industry Certifications earned in 2019-20:

  • Autodesk Certified User, AutoCAD - 6
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant - 5
  • Certified EKG Technician - 3
  • Certified Nursing Assistant - 23
  • Certified Personal Trainer - 2
  • Hootsuite - 13
  • Microsoft Office Specialist, Excel - 74
  • Microsoft Office Specialist, PowerPoint - 112
  • Microsoft Office Specialist, Word - 112
  • NCCER Core Curriculum - 5
  • OSHA-10 - 88
  • ServSafe Food Manager - 7
  • TSIC Human and Social Sciences - 1

Introducing Our New CTE Teachers

We are excited to welcome 13 new CTE teachers to Sumner County for the 2020-21 school year. These educators will teach a variety of subject areas in five of our high schools:

  • Carla Gilmore - Agriculture at Beech High School
  • Katlynn Smith - Early Childhood Education at Beech High School
  • Dave Parker - Machining Technology at Gallatin High School
  • Melissa Proctor - Criminal Justice at Gallatin High School
  • Penny Thurman - Business at Gallatin High School
  • Clark Viniard - Business at Gallatin High School
  • Stacey Cornette - Coding at Hendersonville High School
  • Jessica Garner - Agriculture at Hendersonville High School
  • Erin Sanders - Health Science at Hendersonville High School
  • Matthew Ellithorpe - Welding at Portland High School
  • Katie Hickman - Agriculture at Portland High School
  • Kurt Scheib - Coding at Portland High School
  • Sara Ayre - Health Science at Station Camp High School

WHS Construction Project

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Westmoreland High School Senior, Jacob Aker, was finally able to complete a project that he had started back in March in his Construction class. Typically, students in the upper level Construction classes participate in a class-wide competition where the cabinets are placed in the main entrance of the building and teachers vote for their favorite. The students get to take these cabinets home and many become keepsakes for their families.

BHS Students Earn CNA Certification

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Despite students having to participate in virtual learning for 9 weeks at the end of last school year, these students continued to work with their Health Science teachers. Congratulations to the following students for obtaining their CNA certification: Jaylen Brown, Faith Burkhardt, Kayce Graham, Sesley Hart, Tavis Imsand, Nahiomy Lopez, Alexis Massie, Kayah Potter, Dajia Ruiz, and Julia Spicer.

WHHS Health Science

Certified Clinical Medical Assistants at WHHS

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White House High School had 5 students pass the CCMA certification exam in June to become Certified Clinical Medical Assistants. Pictured L-R: Will Harper, Ellie Wright, Sara Mittag, Joy Baker, and Abbey Lee

In addition, White House High School had 2 students compete in the Virtual HOSA International Leadership Conference in June: Eden Bradley and Alicia Rogers - Healthcare Issues Exam.

GHS Health Science

HHS Health Science

HOSA International Leadership Conference

Two Hendersonville High School students placed in the top ten at the annual HOSA International Leadership Conference. HHS Senior, Allison Henry, placed seventh in medical math; HHS Sophomore, Mallory Thomas, placed seventh in Personal Care. Henry also received Gold Level status, which is the highest honor in the Barbara James Service Award. This award recognizes HOSA members who have a commitment to community service in health. Allison accumulated 197.75 hours of service hours, including work for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

To review the structure and functions of animal cells, Hendersonville High School students created "Cell" Diagram cookies to help reinforce student comprehension. Students enjoyed making science more fun and tastier!
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Congratulations to Portland High School's students who competed at the Tennessee DECA State Career Development Conference in Chattanooga, TN from March 4th-7th. PHS DECA made history with a record number of competitors qualifying to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference.


1st Place - 19 students / 11 Categories

Top 3 - 28 students / 16 Categories

Advancing to ICDC - 37 students

Top 10 - 58 students

Congratulations are in order for all Merrol Hyde Magnet School DECA State Conference

competitors after a stunning performance. Sixty-two competitors travelled to

Chattanooga on Wednesday, March 4th, to compete in various marketing, business,

management, and finance categories. The following students won first place in their

categories: Abigail Oaks & Emma Wiley, Emmie Monroe & Elizabeth Caldwell, Thesharia

Fleming & Audrey Lenard, Ava Jones & Mary Grace Rowell, Connor Edwards & Isaac

Stinson, Kendall Audy & Skylar Hudson, Chloe Morgan & Annemarie Radish-Jones, Mac

Mcillwain & Drew Miller, Shelby Hobbs, Jack Condra, and Ivy Adams. Ivy Adams also had

the school’s first “sweep”, taking 1st place in each - Test, Role Play 1, and Role Play 2.

MHMS had a total of thirty-seven advance to the International Career Development

Conference. Also earning their spot to Internationals - Joshua Lynch,Michael Carr & Calli

Cross, the team of Victoria Khouri, Carleigh Smith, and Ashley Voisin, Mary Mcillwain,

Josephine Hozan & Gabby Wakefield, the team of Olivia Johnson, Peyton Mingle, and

Megan White, Seth Whitley, Caroline Lasuer, Caela Rewa, Kaitlyn Murphy & Macy Thomas,

and Madeline Ausderau. Twenty-two more students finished in the Top 10 in the State

(Total of 58 Students), including: Abbie Marshall & Olivia Short, Johann Liwag / Dane

Mcbee / Matthew Sykes, Jake Burton & Jesse Thomas, Blake Butler & Avery Cooper,

Ashlyn Gumm / Andreea Ifrim / Isabella Wakefield, Adam Alvis / Seth Hemingway / Ashvin

Kodali, Joshua Deragon / Connor Flatt / Ethan Hansen, Ava Ballenger, Julia Henneman,

Parker Stokely, and Audrey Savage.


Brooke Cole, Daniel McFarland, Joey Soporowski-4th in the state and advancing to Nationals

Maddie Parchman, Brady Williams, Grayson Westerbeck-7th in the state

Peyton Ford, Caden McQuery-Clippinger, Lilly Ring-8th in the state

Lauryn Ramirez-Top test score in the state for role play.


Station Camp High School State 2020 results

Carter Hamilton - 7th place in Personal Financial Literacy

Colby Hicks - 2nd place in Business Services Marketing Series

Micah Marsasigan - 6th place in Food Marketing Services Series

Maddox Marlin - 1st place in Food Marketing Series

Katie Kirkham - 6th place in Hotel and Lodging Mgt Series

Jeffrey Meyers - 11th place in Hotel and Lodging Mgt. Series

Kirsten Webb - 3rd place in Marketing Communications Services Series

Parker Sutt - 6th place in Restaurant and Food Series

Aiden Waters - 11th place in Retail Merchandising Services Series

Ezekial Cook - 6th place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

Kyler Wise - 8th place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

Mike Denton and Carter Ranthum - 6th place in Business Law and Ethics Team

Krisha Patel and Gavie Ann Smith - 6th place in Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

Audrey Baird and Kathryn Mouchette - 1st place in Hospitality Services Team Decision Making

Jaiden Buzako and Paige Giese - 2nd place in Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making

Bayleigh Pirtle and Sydney Pulliam - 5th place in Financial Services Team Decision Making

Anthony Curto - 9th place in Hospitality and Tourism

Payton Buzako and Meghan Abbott - 2nd place Community Giving

Nick Valdez, Olivia Blevins, Paige Roberson - 4th place in Sales Project

Hannah Sutt - 2nd place in Innovation Plan

Param Vyas - Top 8 in International Business Plan

Shannon Long and Kaitlyn Moore - Top 8 in Career Development

Bailynn Ballard and Thomas Curlee - Top 8 in Business Services Operations

Abigail Rollins, Brooklyn Rippy, Neeli McEwen - Top 8 in Community Awareness

Zoe Cantrell - 3rd place in Financial Literacy

Madison Howe and Zack Morgan - School Based Enterprise

Eliana Safer - 1st place in Start-Up Business Plan

Collin Smith - 3rd place in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

Elizabeth Baltz, Karissa Fitts, Kya Dyer - 3rd place in Integrated Marketing Product

Marguerite Oakey, Stephon Price, Briley Hitt - Top 8 in Integrated Marketing Service


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The following students competed at the DECA State Career Development Conference (March 4-7, 2020) and qualified for International Competition:

1st Place Winners

• Briana Jackson, Ravyn Moore, and Kaylee Nelson – Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan

• Faith Boswell, Adam Crick, and Sydney Sandefur - Franchise Business Plan

• Isaac Freeman and Luke Freeman - Business Growth Plan

• Kacey Beier, Jakob Fleksteiners, and Ryan Templeton - International Business Plan

• Mindy Cassada, Jazmin Logan, and Karlee Powell - Integrated Marketing

Campaign (Product)

• Emilie Christian, Kaleb Powell, and Jake Steen - Sports and Entertainment

Operations Research

• Carter Bangert, McKay Campbell, and Lindzey Lopez - Project Management

Career Development

• Anna Brynn Carneal, Luke Curry, and Emily Ward - Project Management

Community Giving

• Rachel Barnfield, Savannah Ichikawa, and Brooke Sheely - Project Management

Sales Project

• Graham Huffine - Principles of Finance

• Hadley Brown - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

2nd Place Winners

• Anna Calaforra, Jace McGowan, and Campbell Vaudrey - Independent Business Plan

• Sam Grayson, Emily Maddox, and Carly Spicer - Finance Operations Research

• Cassidy Cothron and Allie Whittinghill - Buying and Merchandising Operations


• Cortney Barnard, Hannah Linn, and John David Moffitt - Project Management

Business Solutions

• Sarah Freels, Monroe McCoury, and Maycee Woods - Project Management

Financial Literacy

3rd Place Winner

• Riley Jaggers - Human Resources Management

4th Place Winners

• Katie Dugger, Jack Hepburn, and Luke Kingsolver - Business Services Operations


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On June 2nd and 3rd, FFA held its State Convention virtually. Three students from GHS received their State FFA Degrees - Alexis Bolton, Bayleigh Kennedy, and Travis Vaske.


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Sydney Trammell, Hendersonville FFA President, placed 1st in the Tennessee State Agriscience Fair, Plant Systems, Division 3. She received the Bronze award at the National Agriscience Fair for her research on using rabbit manure as a nutrient source in hydroponics systems.
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Hendersonville FFA, recognized as a TN State Superior Chapter, received the highest honor a chapter can receive from the National FFA organization, a three-star ranking in the National Chapter Awards. The National Chapter Award Program is designed to recognize FFA chapters that emphasize growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture by providing educational experiences for their entire membership.

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The Hendersonville FFA Officer Team held a non-traditional officer retreat at the high school this summer to plan out the year's activities, and were still able to have fun with a different theme everyday.


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Students working after school to gain SAE hours transplanting this year's ferns.
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Students prepare the soil for the fern crop at PHS.
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Lambs made their appearance at PHS for the 18th year. Students learn to show, care, groom, and conduct a feed study during the project.


Jaycee Whitaker Named National Finalist

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Jaycee Whitaker of the White House Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter was named the state winner of the Tennessee FFA Power and Technical Systems Division 3 this summer. This is earned after competing against the top individuals from across Tennessee.

The agriscience fair recognizes student researchers studying the application of science principles and emerging technologies in agricultural contexts and enterprises. Participants must conduct a scientific research project pertaining to the agriculture, food, and natural resources industries and present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and report. Students can compete in the agriscience fair in the following categories: animal systems, environmental services/natural resource systems, food products and processing systems, plant systems, power, structural, and technical systems, and social science.

Jaycee wanted to know which solar panel material would be more efficient- crystalline or thin film. After conducting her experiment, she found sufficient evidence to support her hypothesis that crystalline solar panels would be more efficient. Her advisor, Mr. Akridge, noted, “Winning this award this year was particularly challenging since Jaycee had to work around shutdowns and roadblocks this summer due to the pandemic. She worked hard to be named state champion in June and we are very proud that she was named a national finalist this September.” Jaycee will compete at the national level at the National FFA Convention to be held virtually this October.

WHHS Cosmetology

SCHS Fashion Design Students Make Masks

GHS Criminal Justice

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GHS Criminal Justice students conducted research on criminal justice careers that included law enforcement, probation, parole, corrections, and security. They created a poster that included information concerning the job description, essential knowledge and skills needed for the career, program or path of study to reach occupational goals, beginning with high school and proceeding through postsecondary and/or military options, licensure and credentialing requirements and non-educational job requirements such as physical fitness tests, minimum age, polygraph and background checks, and psychological evaluations.

GHS Teachers Receive Grants

The Gallatin Chamber Foundation has awarded $14,921 in grants to teachers from 10 public schools across the city that will be used to help fund innovative educational projects and initiatives for students.

Dave Parker: The project will add tooling for CNC machines, which will help students become workforce ready as they learn how to operate machines that many local industries use in their facilities.

Scott Pascarella: The grant will help support the Criminal Justice STEM program’s annual spring semester project, which involves four days of on-site criminal investigation of a fictional crime along with a crime scene investigation and one day of a related courtroom trial.