Canada 2060 Assignment

What will Canada look like in 2060?


Welcome to my smore. This smore is about what Canada will be like in the year 2060. This flyer includes Canada's immigration rate, Canada's current population and its population in 2060 and just some other information that will help give you a better understanding of what Canada may be like in 2060

What is Immigration and Emigration?

If you came to this flyer on purpose I assume that you already know what immigration and emigration is, but in-case you don't know what they mean I am going to tell you what it does. Immigration is the movement of people moving to a country they are foreign to, so they can settle there. Emigration is when people leave one country to then settle in another.

Why Immigrate and emigrate?

It may seem stupid to leave your home country for no reason, but for almost all immigrants immigrate for generally two reasons. These two reasons are called factors. The first factor is called the push factor, this is the main factor that causes people and families to leave that country. Push factors could include war and poverty, execution, lack of places to live, and sometimes the government. Pull factors are the complete opposite of push factors, pull factors are the factors that would persuade or pull people to come to a new country, example: "Come to Canada, we have land and houses for your family, we got low taxes, and we will give you job opportunities". That would be a pull factor, something that is pulling the people to come to that country because it has good things in it.

Canada's current Immigration situation

In Canada there are four classes of immigrants: Family class immigrants (closely related to people who already live in Canada), economic immigrant (skilled workers and business), other (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons), and refugees (people escaping, prosecution, execution, torture, or cruel and unusual punishment).

Currently Canada is known as a country with broad ethnic diversity. According to a 2011 census by statistics Canada, there are 33 ethnic groups, and at least one hundred thousand people in each group. Under the Canadian nationality law and immigrant may apply for a Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for 3 years in any 5 year period, provided the had been a permanent resident of Canada for at least two of those years.

My predictions

We know that Canada will probably continue to receive immigrants in 2060, but will they emigrate from the same countries? Will they have as many immigrants? My prediction is that in the year 2060 Canada may recive about the same amount of immigrants but it will result in Canada's population to increase. I think that Canada will continue to get immigrants from the same countries because they may be third world countries, or countries with a war going on like Iraq and Yemen.

What will cannada look like? I think that in 2060 Canada will continue to be a diverse ethnic country because of the immigrants and the people being born.

Immigration Rate in Canada

Canada's annual intake of Immigrants from various countries is around 250,000. Now that could be a positive or a negative to Canada, it could result in a big positive for many reasons, one reason is because Canada's economy will be much better. For a long time many people think that Canada accepts way to many people. But the amount of people coming into Canada is an good amount of people because I could help control the population.

What will canada be like in 2060

As of 2015 population in Canada is 35,871,000, now that's a pretty big number, imagine what Canada's population will be in 2060. Canada's population has increased substantially in recent years, going from 30.7 million in 2000 to 33.7 million in 2009. Throughout that period, population growth increased steadily, going from 9.4 per thousand at the start of the period to 12.4 per thousand at the end. In 2060 Canada's population will be 47,113,000, which means from 2015 to 2060, Canada's population would have grown by 11,242,000 people. below are some graphs that will display the population in Canada in 2015 and in 2060.
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Making Economic Immigration Work for Canada


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What will Canada look like in 2060? It will look alot different a few things that will are: the population, the ethnic diversity, technology, immigration, and the environment itself. Like I said before those were only a few things, and as you can see Canada develops technology and support for people in need, meaning everyday things get better. Thank you for taking your time to read my flyer about Canada in 2060