Laptops VS Textbooks

Should students textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?

21 Century

I don't know if you haven't noticed that now all the little kids know how to use an electronics like phones and tablets. Plus to get a new book you have to go to the store to by it. While with and electronic device you can just download an app or buy it from the app store. Yes I know buying an electronic is more expensive, but it can save you a lot of time andmoney.

Carry More

Carrying a binder and notebooks is heavy enough plus you have to carry the pencils, eraser, etc. You can get back problems because of this. Which is the reason why some students deiced not to carry all the things that a necessary for school (I'm one of those kids). So carrying a notebook computer will be more easier to carry and the student will have all the necessary items.
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An Advantage for the TEACHERS

Teachers all though you my not think about it it's true.Teachers will have a pretty good advantage because you don't don't have to get no more paper cuts. Plus we all know that there are kids that don't have a good enough handwriting to be read able. So it will be easier to able to read what they are trying to say. An other reason is sometimes the websites have auto correct so the words will no longer be incorrect.
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