Digital Learners

Getting' Tech Savvy!

Creating Digital Stories on PIXIE

Over the past few weeks, we have been creating digital stories, using a program called Pixie. Each student made an "I want" story. They had to state their opinion, supply reasons, evidence and a sense of closure. Students enjoyed practicing keyboarding skills, applying clip art and illustrating using digital tools. We can't wait to share these stories at Family Night!

Hour Of Code

We have been working with Mrs. Siers' the enrichment teacher at Indian Run. She introduced "Hour of Code." We learned all about computer programming and coding. Students worked in groups to write their own codes. They also created codes on the computer and debugged programs. There was some great critical thinking and problem solving.
Hour of code with Mrs. Siers



Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6pm

80 West Bridge Street

Dublin, OH

Join us in room 143 for Family night. Come see all of our good learning. Feel free to come for 15 mins or the whole time, whatever fits your schedule! Your child will be presenting to your family their digital opinion story, read some "just right" books with fluency and expression, and teach you some math games, along with other student work samples! See you Thursday, February 25th between 6-7.