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Is Ursula in your brain?

Have you ever wondered who's in your brain besides your brain. Well if yes then you must watch Brain Jack by Brian Falkner. Its rated a five star movie. It takes you on an never before experienced journey. When 17 year old Sam discovers that he cant trust his own brain. But there is someone who is in the way. Wanna know who? I suggest you watch Brain Jack.

"Its not that we use technology, we live technology." Godfrey Reggio

Sam murders Fargas!!!!!!

Sam Wilson as we all know him is sweet , nice, and careful. Fargas Smith which is, Sams best friend have many inner qualities that they can both relate to that are the same . However they can have their differences. Furthermore Vienna Sausage is a young beautiful lady who is determined, that is why Sam chose her as his girlfriend. Now, come to find out, Vienna and Sam haven't been seen together ever since their big fight. Their fight all started because Sam caught Vienna buying Fargas a neuroheadset that she wouldn't except to buy him. Also Fargas and Vienna were also seen by Sam kissing and holding hands at Starbucks when he was going to buy her a vanilla bean cappuccino. Secondly Sam also has a big fight with Fargas because of his decisiveness with Vienna. Next Fargas has been missing for 9 days. The cops went to search Sams house since he was the person who had any disputes with. Come to find out Fargas body was found in his living room. That is to say that Sam murdered Fargas.!!

Remembering Ursula Evil

Ursula Evil A leader of the advanced nerd techs,

Ms.Evil was born on July 6,1200 in Oakland, California and died December 1,1299.

Ursula was a beautiful lady, especially at heart. Everyone in her neighborhood loved her especially her family and friends. She never hesitated to give anyone some help. She was the leader of the advanced nerd techs group. She wanted everyone in that group to advance and hopefully become a leader to .She was a committed member and will be gone but never forgotten.

Ms.Evil was 99 at her time of death and her last residence was the restroom.

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The 12.2 latest neuroheadset!!

The lastest version. It can help you think faster. Also remember everything so you can study and not forget the answers to a test. Also massages your head. This one can also be worn in your sleep.