The GLOW Disco

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Date:Saturday 5th October 2013


Venue:St Margarets Clitherow Hall


Prices:£10 standard online ticket, £15 on the door (£5 if you hand out flyers at your school). Please note this website also charges £1.25 which is not included in the price of your ticket.

Tickets will be available online until Wednesday 2nd October. After that point they will only be available on the door - please try and book your ticket before then.

Event cancellation:If less than 60 tickets have been purchased by the 25th September, the disco will be cancelled, and all tickets will be refunded in full.

Payment:You can pay online in advance, or in cash on the door.

When buying a ticket for a child online:You will be asked to give two names - the first is of the adult buying the ticket and the second is the name of the child attending.

Entry:Once you have bought a ticket through this website, you will be sent a confirmation email which you must print off and bring with you on the night.

Included in your ticket:Light refreshments and glowsticks.

Selling out:We advise you to book in advance. We may be selling tickets on the door, but there are only a limited number of these and once they are gone we will not be letting more children in. Once we have sold out of tickets we cannot let anyone in.

Safety:Adult supervision at all times. No smoking/alcohol. This is our 23rd disco so we are very experienced running such events. For more info, please don't hesitate to

PLEASE NOTE: By buying a ticket you are agreeing to the following rules:

-All children must follow instructions given by the adults in charge

-Any damage to the venue must be paid for afterwards by those who were responsible.

-Any child who fails to abide by our instructions will be asked to get collected.

-We have asked for an adult contact number for the evening so that in the event of misbehaviour, illness or in any other situation when we deem it necessary, we are able to get in touch with the responsible adult immediately.

-Please make sure that your child is aware of these conditions before coming to the event.

Footnote: If you are a parent who has a child who would like to come, and would be able to supervise children while at the disco, we can give your child a free ticket! Please email us if interested...

The GLOW Disco

Saturday, Oct. 5th 2013 at 7:30-10pm

22 Dulwich Wood Park


For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite.