Clearview Technology Weekly News

February 2014, issue 1

Digital Content with LMS-MBC

Digitizing your lessons is an extremely easy task. You can upload and share: documents, power points, pictures, PDFs, homework, quizzes, tests, videos, and sound. The assignment, quiz, and test feature allows you to auto-grade tests—and no more taking reams of paper home to grade! See Amy or Matt to get started!


Google It! The Right Way.

Sync Favorites Using Google Chrome

Find a cool site at home and add it to your favorites, then get to school and can't remember it? Try using Google Chrome to keep all your bookmarks (favorites) synced no matter where you are! Click here for directions.

Students - SkyDrive and MBC Integration

How do I enable Windows SkyDrive integration in my MBC account?

1. Under your name select Applications.

2. On the Applications page, click Add Windows Live Integration.

3. My Big Campus will connect securely to Windows Live, where you'll be prompted for your login and password.

4. Click Yes to allow My Big Campus to share items from your Windows SkyDrive account.

How do I share a Windows SkyDrive document on My Big Campus?

You can share Windows SkyDrive documents on My Big Campus, in a wall or discussion post, in Group Resources, or as part of an assignment.

In My Big Campus, click Documents in the Share options below your post, then select SkyDrive Docs. You'll see a list of your SkyDrive documents. Use the search tool to find your document, then select the document and save your post.

Why can't I see my SkyDrive Docs in Drive, or in MBC Documents?

SkyDrive Docs integration does not add documents to Drive, or to MBC Documents. You access your SkyDrive Docs in MBC by sharing them in a wall or discussion post, in Group Resources, or as part of an assignment.

You'll need to log into SkyDrive Docs directly to add, view or edit your documents. Once you've created a SkyDrive Doc, you can share it on MBC.


Drop off LaserJet Toner and Ink Jet cartridges to High School Room 300.