The Nitrogen Cycle

by: Eliezer Rodriguez and Brandon Escamilla

how does the cycle starts?

when a fish consumes food as algae or any type of plant the fish produces waste also called ammonia, which creates nitrite. After this process the nitrite goes to the bottom and the plant later uses it as its food, which is nitrate.
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Key Terms

Ammonification- Waste and dead organic matter converted from NH3, Ammonia, into NH4

Nitrification- NO2 nitrite, becomes nitrate NO3, which is the energy used by plants

Nitrogen Fixation- N2 (gas) becomes NO2 and can be taken in by plants

Nitrobacter- Oxidize nitrite into nitrate in soil

Nitrosomonas- Turns ammonia into nitrite


1. Fish makes waste (Ammonia). Too much Ammonia will make fish die.

2. Nitrosomonas breaks down Ammonia to make it turn to Nitrite.

3. Nitrobacter breaks down Nitrite so it then turns into Nitrate.

4. Nitrate is then used by the plants as fertilizer.

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The Nitrogen Cycle - It's Easy!
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