Guide for Research Paper

First Steps: Task Definition and Information Gathering

What do you have to do for this assignment? What is the purpose of the final product? To support your topic, does it not make sense to use the most reliable resources available? How many sources are required? Below, is a list of reliable sources:

Databases available though the MLCHS Library:

If you access these sources from home, use the remote password: shel_rpa

Because you are writing an argumentative paper, the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database would be the best choice for reliable, accurate information.

A good search strategy is to try multiple search engines to access web sites:




Make sure that your web sites are from reliable, unbiased web sites. How can you evaluate this?

Check the library's online catalog (Destiny) for print sources!

Research Process in the Library

Day 1: Explore digital research guide. Discuss appropriate sources. Discuss some note-taking strategies. Locate and print some sources.

Day 2: Print sources. Read and take notes on provided note-taking sheets.

Day 3: Lesson: Citing sources. Continue to read and take notes. Use EasyBib to compile source information.

Note-Taking Strategies PowerPoint

General Guidelines for Formatting MLA 8 In-Text Citations

PowerPoint Tutorial on MLA Documentation

Official MLA Style Site

Created by Beth Jones, MLCHS Library Media Specialist

If you have any specific questions about the research process, please feel free to contact me.