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Cavazos ES 22-23 SY

Big picture

Cavazos' Deeper Why...

All parents want the best for their children , but a key goal of public education is to create citizens with a vision of a common good. We recognize that parents are understandably anxious about the futures of their children in an increasingly competitive global economy. Even more so, Cavazos is committed to the Equitable Classroom Design Protocol so that ALL of our students have a well balanced classroom where the richness of diversity is evident.

Cavazos believes that all of our scholars deserve a well crafted classroom and it starts with the classroom roster design.

At Cavazos we design classroom rosters with a protocol grounded on research, equity, and social justice. We design classroom rosters that we all would like to have our own children in.

The Equitable Classroom Design Protocol is used to interrupt "opportunity hoarding" that is seen in low performing schools with high number of children that live in poverty, large number of English Learners, Migrant students, Latino and/or African American students.

With this in mind, we hold strong equity convictions to not create or perpetuate the scrutiny of teachers and principals, which can diminish educators’ authority to transform under-performing schools.

When school administrators and/or teachers secure some children's admission to a specific classroom or specific program this in return undermines the school's vision/mission to serve all public students fairly. This holds true more for historically underserved communities where the opportunity gaps widens.

Democratic processes are essential in public school districts, and as a result, Cavazos is committed to find ways to listen to parents’ concerns and resolve matters quickly and decisively.

We invite parents to think about what matters in the long run and reflect on whether their actions might be contributing to greater inequality gap in Cavazos Elementary and consequently in Ector County ISD.

We understand that parents bring powerful contributions to the school community. Cavazos invites parents to partner with us to model thoughtful civic engagement that considers collective, rather than simply individual, benefits.

Equitable Classroom Design Protocol

Synthesis of Research:

Grouping and tracking do not increase overall achievements in schools, but they do promote inequity, research suggests. To reduce inequality, we should decrease the use of both practices, and, where ability grouping is retained, improve its use.

Decisions about grouping are preliminary but teacher input, expertise, and knowledge of students MUST drive equitable classroom groupings. What matters most comes next:

____1) Is the class list heterogeneous?

____2) Diverse students with diverse needs = equitable distribution

____3) curricular tracking & ability grouping ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE criteria for grouping

____4) Unequal behavior & attitudes among students MUST be highly considered

____5) grouping must have equitable amount of:

a. English Learners

b. Spanish Learners

c. Gender

d. SPED – IEP students

e. Behavior/personality

f. Classroom dynamics

g. RTI Tier 2/3 target students (in literacy &/or mathematics)

h. SES balance (Social Economic Status)

i. At grade-level or above grade level students

j. Racial/Ethnic/Cultural

k. Data roster has been reviewed and considered when placing students

(Istation, Imagine Math, MAP ELAR/SLAR/Math, running records)

l. Special Pops are equitably distributed in all classrooms. (foster, homeless, military, SPED, ELs)

m. absenteeism

For the 2022-2023 School Year...

Starting the summer of 2022 school year, parent teacher requests cease to exist. Any parent request approved by the previous administration were highly considered but not guaranteed.

For the 2022-2023 academic school year, Cavazos ES will continue with this practice grounded on equity.

Some considerations to exceptions of the Equitable Classroom Design Protocol:

1. historically documented conflicts with feuding families

2. court orders that deemed advisable to not house specific children together

3. documented long-term feuds with specific students

4. case-by-case scenarios deemed in the best interest of the child's academic and SEL well being

*first two weeks of school, class rosters stay as is, potential changes will take place based on teacher, counselor, and admin observations.

Parent Teacher Request Petition/Solicitud de Maestros

Please use this form to submit to Cavazos administration.

Does your child have specific learning needs?

Does your child need a specific type of teacher traits?

What the effective teacher does: Teaching traits.

All of the developmental psychologists agree that effective teachers encourage. Through consistent use of positive words, actions and facial expressions teachers provide students the hope to keep striving to learn and grow. They also agree effective teachers ask probing questions to challenge accuracy and completeness of thinking in a way that moves students towards their ultimate goal.

  • Provides a well-planned, organized classroom environment conducive to students’ spontaneous learning.
  • Uses Socratic “Why?” questions--students go beyond just giving their opinions as teachers probe for the whys.
  • Models respect by speaking the language of respect in interactions with students, and by taking students’ thoughts and feelings seriously.
  • Builds rapport with students that makes it easier for them to talk about problems, be receptive to moral guidance, and care about what their teachers think.
  • Uses rules as the starting point for effective instruction and learning—not the end point. Starts the year with rules for things like homework practicing them repetitively so they can master them.
  • Serves as an ethical mentor, providing guidance through discussion, storytelling, personal encouragement and feedback.

How does Cavazos ES ensure the above is happening:

1. Teachers develop goals aligned to the T-TESS, Texas Teacher Evaluation & Support System.

2. Regular walk-throughs and coaching is provided to all teachers

3. Quarterly instructional rounds

4. Daily Professional Learning Communities

5. Quarterly review of attendance and failing grade report

Academic Needs?

We recognize that all children learn differently and respond differently when learning. Because we know that differentiation is key to the academic and social success of your scholar, Cavazos ES offers a multi-tiered system of support.

Parents and teachers can submit a COST-SST referral do address the all or some of the following:

1. attendance needs

2. academic needs

3. behavior needs

4. socio-emotional needs

In this meeting, parent, teacher, counselor, family specialist, and administration will discuss and develop an plan designed specifically for your child. This plan requires the partnership and buy-in of all stakeholders involved and will be revisited every 4-6 weeks.