Pioneer Points

May 13, 2016 From Julie

Sixth Grade Camp

Sixth graders have been at camp for Thursday and today. Luckily the weather held off until later last night so they had a great day yesterday. Hopefully today will be the same!


Next week is a busy week for the seniors. There is the HS awards banquet on Wednesday, Graduation practice, baccalaureate, the Senior all night party, and then Graduation on Sunday. It will be a great week with a great group of students!

Track Team

The track teams have won the BWAC championship! This occurred at the home track meet on Tuesday night. Of course, there has not really been a warm track meet yet! (Oh, and by the way, if you check the weather for Sunday, there is a swear word in the forecast on Accuweather!)


Special thanks and congratulations! For the most part, the M-step is DONE!!!! There will be some make-ups that will need to take place but year two is complete! As I have said before, special thanks to everyone who has helped including the technology department and those who have helped with administering the test!

Enjoy the weekend!