Agricultural Adjustment Act

Hold your horses & prepare 4 this new & improved adjustment!


Low crop prices were terrible for farmers so this agency balanced the supply and demand so that it was even, and raised the prices on crops. It was to restore purchasing powers for the farmers and set back to how it was before WWI.

How did this agency assist and what were the accomplishments?

It mostly benefited farmers and provided them with hope. It also helped the landowners, because now they did not need to hire or loan land to sharecroppers. For 70 years after it was passed in 1933, it stayed the base for all farmers and controlled the supply of crops. It is also said to be the most successful agency in the New Deal
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How does it affect people today?

The AAA has made controversy , and has made farming so much easier and stronger with the use of new technology.
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US vs. Butler

In 1936 the agency was said to be unconstitutional and that it had no right to take the tax because money was used to balance interstate commerce.