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My family

I come from a mixed family.My mom and dad split wen I was a couple weeks old. I have lived with my mom my whole life. We do not have special traditions. My family is half Spanish, but we don't celebrated Spanish holidays. Sometimes I wil go to my grandma's house every couple of weeks. My three cousins and their parents and my grandma live in Lino Lakes. Me and my 10 year old cousin and my 6 year old cousin fight a lot. They are brother and sister so they fight a lot to.My family is Very Supporting.
We don't celebrate birthdays or holidays together because they live far away. but we talk a lot on the phone. I don't know a lot about my dads side of the family. I have meet him once but, I know I have three aunts, one half brother and two nephews. My grandparents on my dads side have passed away when I was a baby. My family loves to cook and bake. My grandma makes the best monster cookies ever. Last year me and my cousin got to go to a concert. The cool thing is we get in for free because

Her dad works the security. I love my family though we never really see each other and fight a lot we always get though it. This summer me and my mom are going to