Giving Back

By: Tyler Holmes

Why It is good to give back

When giving back you can learn so much about yourself . You get to work with other people towards a goal with many different people. You get to learn the resources in your town.

Why Businesses Like to give back?

When people own a business they like to incorporate giving back into it. They find things that they are passionate bout and let their customers know. The customers like to what the businesses is doing for the community.

Reasons Why its Good to Give Back?

They get to build a relationship with the community by showing them that you care. Then the business gets the respect from the customer and in return the customer is happy overall.

Helping the Community

The second reason is that it improves the community as a whole. When the businesses give back to schools and fix up parks it makes the workplace so much better.

Third Reason

You get respect form your employees which makes the work place better. When they give back it shows their employees that they care about them and want them to succeed.

Fourth Reason

When you give back you are the most powerful person in the community. Depending on who you know depends on what you get done .Meaning when you know people you get the things done that you need.

Starting Young

Scott McClain started giving back when he younger . His family has always been involved in giving back he .He started his organization back in 2001 and said that the giver should get more out of it then the person receiving.

Giving Back Globally

The man who created Microsoft office gave money to Africa when they had the ebola out break. He said that it always comes back to what you are passionate about.

Ideas for Giving Back

Go to the homeless shelter and help

Repaint the parks

Clean up a Forrest preserve

Redo a park

Catholic Charity

They dedicate their time to helping the homeless of joliet.

Joliet Junior Womens Club

It's a club for women to go to to feel safe.

Programs That Rely on Volunteers

Some programs that rely on volunteers are soup kitchens , food pantry's , homeless shelters .


" If you wait until you can do everything for everybody instead of something for somebody you'll end up doing nothing for nobody" -Malcome Bane


" To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded" -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Charities- generous actions and donations

Philanthropy- altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement usually manifested by donations of money , property , or work to needy persons

Organization- a group of persons organized for some end or work