Get to Know Contest

Kailey Rivera

Great Egret

Scientific Name: Areda alba

I found my inspiration walking around the pond behind my house. I choose to photograph this animal because it is very pretty and was very calm when I came close to it, This picture shows how peaceful and pretty this creature is and conveys that animals as interesting as this make their home right next to us. I learned that the Great Egret just lives in the pond behind my house, I never knew that. I also learned that they mainly live around the shore of the lake, in tall grasses.

Hybrid Tea Rose

Scientific Name: rosa bracteata

I was walking around in my backyard when I took this picture. I chose this flower because the color was very bright and I thought it would turn out to be a great picture. I tried to show that each flower is so intricate and when you look closer it is even more beautiful. I learned that this flower is called the hybrid tea rose because it is made when you cross breed a tea rose and a hybrid perpetual. This species lives in my backyard, making it a wild neighbor.

Mallard Duck

Scientific Name: anas platyrhynchos

I found this duck walking around the pond behind my house. I chose this subject because i could get a really good picture of it to show the detail of the ducks feathers. I wanted to show that even though we see ducks all the time, we never get a chance to really look at the bird and see how pretty it actually is. I learned that the brown ducks like this one, are females and the green ones we normally see are males. Since this duck lives in the pond by my house, it is a wild neighbor.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Scientific Name: sylvilagus floridanus

I photographed this rabbit in the grass by the pond by my house. I choose to take a picture of this rabbit because it was right in front of me while I was walking. This picture captures how alert rabbits are because before I came closer to it, it was eating grass and not looking up. I learned that the rabbits are very scared of people and that this animal is a wild neighbor because it lives right behind my house


Scientific Name: lantana camara

This plant's home is my backyard, I choose to photograph this flower because of its bright color and interesting leaves. This picture shows close up the detail and beauty of this plant and that when you get closer up to something it can be a lot prettier. I learned that this plant is poisonous to most animals. Lantana is a wild neighbor because it lives in my backyard.

House Gecko

Scientific Name: hemidactylus frenatus

This little gecko was crawling on the inside of my patio roof at night. I chose to take a picture of it because it was at a cool angle. This picture highlights the detail of the animal and since the flash was on it makes the animal look really interesting. I learned that if a geckos tail falls off, it will grow back. This is a wild neighbor because it lives in my backyard.

Fox Squirrel

Scientific Name: sciurus niger

This squirrel was photographed in my front yard. I chose it because it was in a cool position which made the picture interesting. This picture shows how squirrels can climb up trees even when they are completely vertical. I learned that this type of squirrel is a tree squirrel. This is a wild neighbor because it lives in my front yard.


Scientific Name: cardinalidae cardinalis

This picture was taken up in the trees at Andy Brown Park. I chose this bird because it looks very interesting and the beak is a pretty color. This shows a cardinal in its natural habitat. I learned that this is a female and this is a wild neighbor because I live very close to the park.