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Rock Bridge High School Newsletter: September 16, 2022

Mission: Rock Bridge High School is a community in which ALL students and staff inspire each other to become lifelong learners.

Rock Bridge Families,

We have just completed our 4th week of school! Thank you for an amazing start to this 2022-23 school year. By now you should be seeing items in your student's gradebook in Home Access Center. Please check in on the progress of your student. At the high school level we've made some adjustments to our gradebooks this year, so be sure to read below for clarification. Our first IPRs (progress reports) will be available to all families in Home Access Center on October 6th. You can view the entire grade reporting schedule in this Smore.

Below you will find information about the following.

  • "Did you know?" 50 Year Anniversary Edition
  • 1975 Yearbook Image
  • IPR and Report Card Dates
  • CPS High School Gradebook
  • AUT, Advisory, & Study Hall
  • RBHS Tutoring Center
  • 24/7 Tutoring Assistance = TutorMe
  • Help Eliminate Electronic Distractions
  • RBHS National Merit Semifinalists
  • 2022 Homecoming
  • Images of Fall Athletics/Activities
  • Rock Bridge Legacy Plaza Brick Fundraiser
  • For the Love of the Game Save the Date
  • 22-23 Yearbook Information
  • August BRIDGE Communication
  • October Calendar

Have a great weekend!


Rock Bridge High School, "Did you know?"

In honor Rock Bridge High School's 50 Year Anniversary, we are sharing some our our history through a "Did you know?" format each Friday during the morning announcements. Below are the "Did you know?" facts we've shared so far this year. If you'd like to share some Rock Bridge Trivia, please reach out to our resident Rock Bridge Historian, Mr. David Graham at dgraham@cpsk12.org.

  • August 26: The Rock Bridge mascot, the Bruin, almost lost out to a much less attractive mascot. Can you name the mascot? The Troll. The legend is that the student council met to decide on it before RBHS opened in 1973 and our principal at the time, Wayne Walker, sent his assistant principal to the meeting to make sure Trolls didn’t win!
  • September 2nd: Rock Bridge, Did you know that the closest fast food restaurant to Rock Bridge in 1973 was the Taco Bell at the intersection of Stewart and Providence. Most students who tried the trip were tardy to their classes!
  • September 9: When Rock Bridge opened in 1973, there were only three main parts of the building completed. The main gym, the main commons with the library and cafeteria and one wing of traditional classrooms. Do you know which wing was it? East wing or Studies wing.
  • September 16: We won our first team state championship in 1975. What was the sport? Football. We won our most recent state championship in what year and sport? 2022 Boys Track and Field.
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CPS High School Gradebook

Columbia Public Schools are working toward a goal that behavior be reported separately from academic achievement. Both are incredibly important to the future success of our students. They are each so important that we'd prefer to communicate about each of them separately. So this year, you will see that almost all of the gradebooks in Home Access are separated into two categories: Evidence of Learning and Workplace Readiness.

Our "Evidence of Learning" category will be weighted between 90% and 100% of a student's overall grade. This category is a collection of artifacts (projects, assessments, essays, etc.) that represent student learning as measured by the course learning standards.

The "Workplace Readiness" category will be weighted between 0% and 10% of a student's overall grade. This is a collection of academic or workplace behaviors/skills. IPRs and Report Cards will also have Conduct and Effort measurements included for all students in all classes.

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AUT, Advisory, & Study Hall

Please remind your student regularly that they should be utilizing their AUT, Advisory, and/or Study Hall time to complete school work, refresh their understanding of content, or get assistance with work that is challenging. Below you will find information about two different academic assistance opportunities we offer at RBHS.

RBHS Tutoring Center

As our year progresses and we get further into curricular content, it is inevitable that we will all need some level of academic assistance. Rock Bridge provides our Tutoring Center for all students during each of the 8 blocks. Our Tutoring Center is staffed by Math, Science, and Studies certified teachers and students with interest (and competency) in each of these contents.

9th graders are able to access this assistance during the second half (45 minutes) of their Advisory class period. They can also use their time in Advisory to seek assistance from their 9th grade peers, Advisory Mentor, and their Advisory Teacher.

10th, 11th, and 12th graders are able to access the Tutoring Center during any portion of their AUT.

Tutoring Available 24/7 for ALL CPS Students

Columbia Public Schools is pleased to share with families an exciting new resource for our scholars. The district is offering free academic tutoring for all scholars in grades K-12. The tutoring support, called Tutor Me, is available 24/7. Your scholar may access TutorMe any time by logging in to the CPS student portal. The addition of this support is the result of input from our community and will be paid for using ESSER COVID relief funds.

TutorMe FAQs

  • What is TutorMe? TutorMe offers virtual tutoring opportunities for scholars in grades K-12 on virtually any subject. Tutors are available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • How do I log in? Scholars can access the Chrome web browser for TutorMe by logging in to the CPS Student Portal.
  • Are the tutors employed by Columbia Public Schools? No, they are not. The TutorMe network includes thousands of expert tutors in their fields. Tutors must undergo a thorough background check.
  • What can students request assistance for? Everything – if they need help with math, or writing feedback, if there’s a question on trigonometry or chemistry, there is a tutor to help you!
  • Does TutorMe help with Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses at the high school level? Yes! TutorMe began as a tutoring service for college students. Tutors are available to support students in most subjects and at any level.
  • Do students need to be on camera to receive tutoring support? Students and families can decide. While video tutoring sessions are available, there are also audio chat and text chat options.
  • How do students get help writing reports and essays? The TutorMe Writing Lab is accessible to students 24/7. The writing lab assists with editing papers and essays. More details on how to upload documents to the lab are available online.

As your scholar accesses the resource, please feel free to provide any input or feedback to your school principal. Thank you for your continued support of Columbia Public Schools. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to enhance the continued academic achievement of your scholar.

Columbia Public Schools

Help Eliminate Electronic Distractions

Cell phones are a reality of our day to day life, and while we appreciate the convenience these devices provide us, they are very distracting to in-person direct learning. Please join us in our "One Thing" campaign, where we are working to remind our Rock Bridge Community that putting the phone away is the best method to fully engage during in-person learning. We know this to be true for more than just school, so we are asking that you join us in these conversations with your students at home about giving one's full attention to the current moment. We appreciate your partnership in this effort!

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National Merit Semifinalists

Rock Bridge Seniors Yogev Angelovici, Julie Baguio, George Jia, Kevin Mao, Jill Patel, Sriya Pokala, Kaz Pushechnikova, Robell Tewolde, Yoell Tewolde, and Daniel Webb have each earned the distinction of semifinalist in the 68th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Less than 1% of high school seniors in the United States achieve this honor. Congratulations!
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2022 Homecoming

As we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year, we know that Homecoming will include some extra special moments and celebrations. Homecoming this year October 11-15. Mark your calendars, and be looking for more information later in the fall.

  • October 14th - Homecoming Football Game vs Hickman (7:00 pm)
  • October 15th - Homecoming Dance (8:00 to 10:00 pm) at RBHS

2022 Fall Athletics/Activities

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August RBHS BRIDGE Communication

Click here to view the August RBHS BRIDGE Communication.

October Calendar

  • September 21st - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workday)
  • October 10th - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workday)
  • October 11 to 15 - Homecoming Week