Need a Tutor?

Career Technology Tutor

You're probably reading this because you need a tutor. If you are then you're at the perfect spot. Let me introduce my self I'm Kaylee, and I'm a student in career technology. I would like to share some of my knowledge with you. That is if you're interested.

Location of Tutoring

Thursday, April 10th, 3-5pm

9 Nichols St

Wellsboro, PA

* Tutoring will be located in the cafeteria

* Tutoring will be from 3pm to 5pm April 10th.

* I will provide writing utensils and snacks

* There will be an break from 4pm to 4:30pm

* RSVP by 4/8/14

Contact me

* You can contact my home phone by calling 570-123-4567 if I don't answer to that you can call my cellphone at 570-948-0000

* Or you can contact me by e-mailing me at

More about my tutoring