June Dresses Category Update

News from QC, VP and Care ModStylists

Quality Control and Fit News

Seashell Soiree Dress

This dress was a Coming Soon item. Many customer requested notifications for this dress. Sadly, the first shipment of the dresses came in with dark stains that were not passable. We contacted the vendor for replacements but those came in with stains as well. It has not been taken off as a Coming Soon item. This is a disappointment due to the immense interest we had in it.


Dresses have dark stains that are very apparent against the light fabric.


A spot check of 20% of the inventory was performed and lead to a 76% defect rate.

Vendor to Watch: YA Los Angeles

YA Los Angeles is my vendor to watch for the month of June. Recently many items we have been receiving from YA are coming in with severe stains. Almost every style from the two most recent POs from YA have been VP'ed due to stains, they have also had some construction issues. YA Los Angeles is a vendor we are going to be working with for our plus initiative so this poor quality must be stopped. As a Quality Assurance vendor they are already on our watch list, but I will continue to closely monitor their items as they come in. Below are some Vendor Problems that stood out to me this month.

Vendor Problems Update

May vs. June

Unfortunately, this next graph does not deliver good news. We had nineteen more VPs this month as compared to last month. Last month I was unable to separate quality from fit VPs. Hopefully this months pie chart can give more insight to where we need the most work done.

The biggest difference I noticed was the thirty-eight short/over shipments we had this month. For the month of May, we had a total of twenty-four. If we are made aware of a short/over shipment ahead of time, we can plan accordingly.


There were 30 issues logged on Intake's Compliance Form, the biggest being product not Smart Sorted and coming in bundled. The biggest offenders were Fun2Fun, Moon Collection and Mystree- all three of which have signed the Vendor Manual.

NOTE: These numbers reflect ALL apparel, not just Dresses.

News from Care ModStylists

Customer Feedback

Seashore Soiree Dress

This was a Coming Soon style. The dress stated it's arrival would be in May, arrived in VP for stains, and then the vendor was unable to send replacements. Many, many customers were hoping to wear this for prom and upcoming weddings and felt disappointed by the delay and then the removal of the dress.

Invitation Designer Dress

This dress was originally listed to include plus sizes and once launched, no longer showed those size options. This mistake causes a lot of customer frustration and disappointment.

Common Customer Requests

  • Dresses with a sleeve (short, 3/4, long)
  • Dresses with pockets
  • Dresses that are 37" or longer
  • Dresses that are made of natural fabrics
  • Dresses that are machine washable

Customer sentiment!

“I shop your site all the time looking for clothing to add to my limited wardrobe. I love your site. And I love the vintage inspired button-up, peter pan collared, 50's house wife-style dresses and tops.

Actually, I have many friends who shop your site as well but don't purchase near what they would like to for the same reasons I have. Modesty. I would LOVE if you could carry more dresses that were just under the knee in length, with sleeves (and aren't too low in the armpits), and with a modest neckline that doesn't require a t-shirt to layer with it (and without an exposed back). Yes, all three of those things in one dress. I've also noticed other customers asking for those same features in your Be the Buyer comments.

I search and search your site several times a week. There are only a handful of dresses with those features all in one, and each that I like are sold out in my size, medium). So frustrating. And if you had them, I would have so many more purchases from you in my closet. I'm just waiting for something to become available.

I would also love the same features in your tops/blouses. Sleeves, not to low or wide of a neckline (I LOVE collars), not too short in the length, and not shear.

It is so hard to find cute, vintage inspired clothing like this. Okay, SUPER hard. I will continue to check back frequently as I LOVE your site. But please, PLEASE --- bring in some modest clothing for us ladies who like some modesty and just exited our 20's.“

"Dear modcloth, I absolutely love everything I see on your website. It is very dangerous for me to look at it because I could spend entire paychecks on everything that I want! I am constantly filling my shopping bag and then saving things for later in it after I have talked myself out of buying things. I love the things that I have allowed myself to buy from you. I am currently in the deciding process of figuring out what I can allow myself to buy that is in my shopping basket and adding things to it at the same time! I could spend hours looking through the amazing and adorable selections of things on your website. Keep up the amazing work of constantly having both timeless and fashionable pieces to add to my wardrobe! In the love of fashion, Mira Butterworth"