Battle Of The Coral Sea

"sweet smell of death" -Otis Kight, Seaman First Class

The Battle

Monday, May 4th 1942 at 6:45pm to Friday, May 8th 1942 at 6:45pm

Pacific Ocean

Countries Involved

The Battle of The Coral Sea was a major naval battle. The battle involved the United States, Austrailia, and Japan. The Japanesse strated the war by attacking Pearl Hobar in the United States. Austraila, an allie of the United states, came into the battle trying to help the United States defeat Japan. The Japanesse entered the Coral Sea intending to destory the allied forces.


Autraila's main goal/stragety was to help the United States. They were allies and it was Austraila's job to help them defeat Japan. All the United States had on their mind was to beat Japan in battle and to show them they could not be pushed around and it was their destinany. Japan, the were not scared. They had control over Austraila and United states and the battle, but the United States and Austrailia pushed it out and beat Japan. Japan had lost approxmintely 2,000 and the United States appromintley lost 543 in the battle.