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Spring/Summer 2015

Guidance Plan Development

NYSSCA has distributed a wonderful resource to assist districts with Guidance Plan development. This tool integrates the ASCA National Model with the current Part 100.2 regulations for Guidance Plans. NYSSCA is offering these materials to support school counselors as they work to meet NYSED's request for all districts to post their guidance plans on district website. You can find the Guidance Plan development materials here


Is your school interested in pursuing the RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program) designation? Do you want to learn more about the ASCA Model and how you can effectively implement a school counseling program based on the model? NYSSCA is hosting a one day RAMP Camp session this summer. You can learn more about RAMP Camp here

Changes to Part 100.2 Regulations

On 6/15, the Board of Regents was scheduled to discuss proposed changes to the Part 100.2 regulations for "guidance programs" in New York. This discussion was again preempted, as it was in May, due to focus on APPR regulations changes. According to a recent email from NYSSCA, the Regents will vote on the proposed changes at the September meeting. You can read about the proposed changes (the first in over 40 years!) here

New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) has also announced a webinar (Big Changes for School Guidance Counseling: The Impact of New Regs) for school board members and administration. The webinar is scheduled for TOMORROW (6/17). If you would like to suggest to your administration that they attend, here is a link about the webinar. There is no charge for districts with NYSSBA membership.

This is an exciting time for the field of school counseling in New York, with the possibility for significant changes. Make sure to stay tuned and watch for emails from NYSSCA (another great reason to join!).


This short video from the U.S. Department of Education explains FERPA regulations in plain language. Perhaps this video would be useful to include on your school's counseling department webpage.
Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students

Bibliotherapy Blog

If you are looking for resources for bibliotherapy, please visit the Books That Heal Kids blog, where you will find thorough book reviews from a practicing school counselor. Reviews are searchable by topic.

Job Search Resources

It's the time of year when many schools are hiring for the upcoming year. As you prepare your resume and cover letter, or gear up for an interview, here are some resources to help you shine:

Need help brushing up your resume or have questions? Check out this blog entry

Looking for a school counseling position? Check listings on websites such as OLAS and, as well as local newspapers and district websites.

Have you been granted an interview? ASCA provides a list of potential questions for administrators here and you can find some interviewing tips here

Don't forget about the Career Development Center at SUNY Oneonta. You can visit the webpage to get information about their services, which include resume and cover letter assistance and mock interviews.

Cortland's Teacher Job Fair by Taylor Oakley, M.S. Ed. '15

We asked Taylor Oakley, M.S. Ed. '15, to share her experiences attending a Teacher Job Fair, as it seems like a great way to network and get valuable practice interviewing!

As an excited May graduate and eager to start my career as a school counselor, attending the Central NY Teacher Recruitment Days (TRD) was a great decision and valuable experience. Although I was the only school counselor candidate to attend this speed dating-like recruitment event on April 16, I joined hundreds of optimistic SUNY teaching students looking to land their first job in the education field. The event was held at SUNY Cortland in their arena. Over 80 public and private elementary, middle and high school districts from around the country held fifteen minute to half hour interview sessions for two days. Graduate schools were also in attendance as well as career counselors to answer any on the spot questions and provided information about attending districts. I learned of this event from the Career Development Center at SUNY Oneonta. There was a small fee of ten dollars to attend. The number of recruiters in attendance double from last years event, as well as the attendance of students. Not only was this a great opportunity to network with other candidates from NY but also countless principals, HR representatives and even school counselors from almost every state in the US.

Because I am very willing and ready to relocate, I was able to schedule six different interviews that day with principals from VA, NC, AZ, and NY. Although only six schools out of the 80 attending were recruiting for school counselors, I was able to get in a lot of good practice. Candidates were given one hour in the morning to introduce themselves to recruiters and sign up for specific interview time slots. From 11 am - 5 pm, interviews were held around the ground floor of the area like a typical college or job fair.

Prior to the day of the event, each attending district was posted on the CNY TRD website where school websites and locations was listed. Once I chose which schools I was interested in learning more about, I was able to search for the school counselor vacancies directly on their school websites. However, once at the event I learned that very few schools were looking to interview school counselors because they came to the event with specific recruiting needs. Some interviews were more of an information session that went over the processes for applying, but there were also many teacher candidates that were offered positions right on the spot (usually from FL, AZ, or MD).

I was able to take away something different from each of the short, but eye opening interviews. Each interview was one on one which allowed me to get to know the school representatives on a more personal level. I came to the event with 20 resumes in hand and left with zero! I feel much more prepared for future interviews after attending TRD, even though that this was my very first opportunity to interview for a professional school counseling position. I strongly encourage any educator or school counselor candidate to take advantage of this valuable opportunity!

Permanent Certification

Our M.S. Ed. graduates are eligible to receive Provisional School Counselor (K-12) certification upon completion of our program. To transition from Provisional to Permanent certification, there are additional requirements which include:

  • Additional graduate credits to total 60 graduate credits (C.A.S. at SUNY Oneonta fulfills this requirement)
  • 2 years' paid professional experience in a pupil personnel services title

Additionally, anyone who received Provisional certification prior to the mandate for Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) training must also complete the 6-hour workshop. Information about workshops scheduled on campus will continue to be distributed via this newsletter. You can also check with your local BOCES or college campus to see if the workshop is offered locally. If the workshop is not completed at SUNY Oneonta, you must submit a copy of your certificate of completion to the Graduate Office. Once you have submitted the certificate, Degree Works will be updated to reflect completion of this requirement. If the workshop is taken on campus, the trainer will notify the graduate office of completion.

The requirements for Permanent certification must be fulfilled within 5 years of your Provisional certificate. If you are unable to fulfill all requirements within that time frame, you can seek an extension from NYSED.


  • Kate (Perry) Hoffman (M.S. Ed. '12) - Elementary School Counselor, Oneonta City School District/Riverside Elementary School
  • Karen Gilbertson (M.S. Ed. '12, C.A.S. '15) - Elementary School Counselor, Unatego Central School District Long Term Substitute 2015-2016

Spotlight on Program Graduates

Chris Benedetto, MS Ed '13

I was married with 2 children when I decided to return to school in 2008 as an adult learner. I received my first Associate’s Degree in 1991, in Legal Sciences and was able to build on that by earning my second Associate’s Degree in Human Services Counseling from Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC). I graduated from MVCC in December 2009 and, at the same time, had already begun pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at SUNY-IT, where I graduate with honors in May 2011. I started at SUNY Oneonta in Fall 2011, earning my Master’s in Counseling Education in May 2013.

Prior to graduation from SUNY Oneonta, I was offered a position as a Service Provider in Behavior Management with Kids Oneida, in Utica, New York. I accepted the job and have been working with youth and families with Axis I diagnoses. Inasmuch as I am presently not working in a school setting as a School Counselor, I am so grateful for the position I hold. It has shown me so much, especially about the different ways in which we have been socialized, how we perceive life events and how those things effect the degree of willingness we have to make affect changes in our lives. I am appreciative for the opportunity to have the education and skills learned throughout my academic experiences; as these have become useful tools while working with those in need.

My job is very diverse in both my role as Behavior Manager, and with the population I work with. I firmly believe that not only my life experiences, but also having been exposed to electives during my master’s program, afforded me the eye-opening insight into meeting the varying needs of my clients. Thinking back to the beginning of my master’s journey, I believed I had more answers than I did, and it took some struggles and stumbles along the way for me to realize there is always room for growth in life and balance of education and life experience are essential for that success.

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