Marine Biology

Is a demanding job that requires the right major and college

What do you plan on doing with this major? I pla on becoming a marine biologist.

What sort of classes can you expect with this major? A lot of science and math classes.

What kind of internships can you take? Ones with aquariums.

What are the requirments to get into the school? Good SAT scores and a certain number of classes in highschool.

Why are you considering this college? It has a good marine biology program and its in PA.

Where is it located and its motto? Millersville, PA and Sieze the opportunity.


The major most Marine Biologist have is a marine biology but many just major in biology. I am planning on becoming a marine biologist with this major. Some classes you can expect is a lot of science classes like biology and chemistry. There would also be math classes. Some internships with this major are probably at the colleges aquarium or at a local one. You could also get internships at the colleges lab . This major can open many doors for internship
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Millersvile University-"Sieze the Opporunity"

The College is located in Millersville , Pennsyvania. The school motto is Sieze the Opprtunity. I am considering this college because it has a Marine Biology program and is still in this state. It also has many hands on labs along with summers of field training. To get into the school you have to have four englishes, 3 sciences and 3 social sciences. You will also need to have taken the SAT's. There is no set required score but the average score is a 1028 but most students have scores from 1410-1640.


Marine Biology requires a lot of college and training. You will have to go to college and do a lot of training. This career involves studying marine life, finding out why things do what and how to improve living conditions. Also includes saving and rehabilitating hurt animals such as dolphins, turtles and whales. Something people do not know about this job is that the people who train dolphins are Marine Biologist. Training for this job includes internships and shadowing.
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