Christopher Marlowe

A Playwright that inspired many people


Christopher Marlowe was just 2 years older than Shakespeare. He was born in Canterbury his date of birth is unknown. Marlowe attended The King' s School in Canterbury, Corpus Christi College, and Cambridge. In 1587 the University hesitated to give him his Master of Arts Degree because of a rumor that intended that he was going to go to a English College at Rheims .

Personal Achievements

His first play was the two-part Tamburline the Great published in 1590. In 1594 his second play was published Dido, Queen of Carthage that he started in College. Those plays were considered the beginning of the last phase of the Elizabethan theater.

Impact on Today

One person that Marlowe really influenced was Shakespeare, William. In the eleven plays that William wrote there was evidence like suggestions and some traces of Marlowe's help without him William couldn't have made all of those plays and sonnets that he has today.William Shakespeare would not have had all the fame today if it weren't for Christopher Marlowe. His far-reaching effect on Shakespeare and through him and all English letters ever after.

Interesting Facts about Marlowe

Marlowe was arrested along with Thomas Watson in the Summer of 1589. In 1592 Marlowe was arrested after a fight with Allen Nichols and Nicholas Helliot. On September 15 in Canterbury he and William Corkine were arrested for fighting in the street. One of Christopher's plays was called Edward II which dealt with the violent atrocity of another kind the murder of King Edward II of England.

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