Camera Angles

Emily Hockemeyer, Mansi Vyas

What are camera angles?

Camera angles are different angles and shots that make up an interesting movie, video, trailers, etc.

Very Wide Shot (VWS)

  • This angle the people are just visible
  • Placing the environment and shows the setting
  • There is a lot of room for action

Close Up (CU)

  • This exaggerates facial expressions
  • Viewer is drawn to the persons feelings

Extreme Close Up (ECU)

  • Shows extreme detail
  • This is for dramatic scenes

Over The Shoulder Shot (OSS)

  • Looking from behind a person at the subject
  • Used usually for conversations
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Point of view (POV)

  • Views the subjects perspective
  • Examples: Wide shot, Over the shoulder
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Birds Eye

  • Shown directly from above
  • Its a unnatural point of view


  • Camera is tilted so the horizon is on an angle
  • Interesting and dramatic effect

Extreme Wide shot

  • This is usually the first shot in the first scene
  • Subject is not visible in this shot
  • Shows where the action is taking place
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Diffrent angles in the commercial!

Some of the angles in this commercial are-

  • Over the shoulder
  • Eye level
  • Very wide shot
  • Wide shot
  • Medium close up
  • Low angle
  • Medium close up