Richard is your King!

Get rid of Bolingbroke

Bolingbroke is a traitor!

He was banished for going against the king. Only his father, Lord Gaunt, God rest his soul, could control the power-hungry monster. Now, he is back to take the throne away from our beloved king. Do not let him win! Fight back to defend your land and your country! He will only take your lands and let the French and Irish run rampant!

Richard II is God's Anointed. Bolingbroke is just a devil of an upstart!

Defend your homes against this terror!

He has landed in Ravenspurgh. If you see him and his party of rapscallions, send word to the royal court immediately. Keep this unholy terror from your homes and from our beloved England. Richard II is hurrying to come home to you, his loving subjects, and wished that you help him. Please be proactive! Keep this traitor away and you may get a reward from King Richard II himself.

Long Live King Richard II!