Tragedy (Death) is apart of life...

Tragedy and death happen everyday and can even ruin lives.

The reality of Death

Death is something that happens to everyone everyday. It could be a person or a animal it still hurts. Death is not something you can escape from. Death is something you never get over. It hurts and it sucks but thats just how life works. Lets just say it sucks and nothing is worst. Even though it never goes away it does get easier.


Tragedy is also something that happens every day. It is not always easier than loosing someone which it could lead up too. It is sometimes tougher because you have to go or see someoen going through pain. Cancer si a tragedy and people are getting diagnosed with it everyday. Tragedy is not worst then death and is EXTREMELY hard.
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Quote 1

This is a awesome quote because this is what i believe people and even animals do once they pass because they become your guardian angel and stay with you forever. It also says that they will never ever be forgotten and that they were very dear to everyone especially your heart.
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Quote 2

This quote is important because it talks about that all you have to do is look in your heart and you will find memories adn happiness and that everything will turn out good.
R.I.P - Talia Joy Castellano ~`8-18-1999 | 7-16-13`~


This video relates to my topic because it is about an amazing girl who fought cancer at a very young age and did not make it through. She fought so hard and this video and story fits in tragedy and death and how awful it truly is.