What Is Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is the search for species that have not yet been proven to exist and living organisms that have been considered extinct. They spend time anyalizing data which they have collected from their work researching possible sightings. Crypotozoologist investigate animals that have been sighted outside their territory, have strange behavior, or appear different.

Cryptids are the animals that cryptozoologist investigate. The most famous cryptids are Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, and The Jersey Devil.

Experience Skills Needed

To be a cryptozoologist, you need to be able to look at myths, sightings,and rumours to gather information on where a cryptid would be. Another skill is to be able to track animals and look at DNA. In this profession, you need to be organized, write well and concise, and be able to create charts for data collection. Anyalizing data you collected, quickly, is important. You mat also need to be able to study an animal's behavior and document it precisely. Hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities will be nessesary activities to do to be a cryptozoologist.


If you are becoming a Cryptozoologist no specific education is needed, but a degree in zoology and biology are suggested.

Cryptozoology is not considered a career, but a hobby. This makes no pay and you can`t take a college class on this subject.

What Did I Find Interesting about this Career?

Something I found interesting about this career was that Cryptozoologist have proven creatures such as the Giant Squid, Komodo Dragon, Okapi, Mountain Gorilla, Hoan Kiem Turtle, and Spot-bellied Eagle-owl to exist. The cryptozoologists also studied and documented these animals to prove their existence. I was surprised that cryptozoology

Why Did You Choose This Career?

I choose this career because I love to read legends, myths, and fairy tales. I also possess the ability to write well. It would be a challenge to take data and write various findings of my discoveries.

What Branch Of Science Does This Career Belong In?

Cryptozoology is the study of discovering living organisms. Any science having to do with living organisms is Life science.

Fun Facts


Scientist crtiticize cryptozoology because cryptozoologist do not follow the scientific method in their study. Cryptozoologist also base their reasearch on fables, sightnings, and myths. There is no proof that the creatues cryptozoologist investigate, even exsisted.

I think that cryptozoologists` has been helpful in discovering many creatures thought to be lengends.